Would you rather…

A new feature to the Manitoba Marathon blog, we ask some tough (and hopefully funny) questions of runners we love. Our first guest responder is Ben Kaplan. Ben is a marathon runner, writer and General Manager of iRun Magazine. He is the author of Feet, Don’t Fail Me Now, a guide to take you from couch to marathon in a year with a great playlist of music, experienced advice and entertaining stories to keep you motivated. Ben is married with two kids and lives in Toronto.

Would you rather….

run without music or without a GPS watch?

GPS watch, I barely ever wear one. But then again, I’m not truly training. Manitoba Marathon is still far away.

finish a marathon in a thunderstorm or in a snow storm?

THUNDERSTORM, though my best marathon, in Jerusalem, was through hail.


Wow, I’ve never had either. Don’t jinx me!

run without shoes or run without shorts?

Without shorts, but it has to be on a beach. (And I can’t be the only one!)

give up your favourite pair of running shoes or give up beer?

The shoes. Definitely.

have to chug a litre of milk at mile 20 or have to run the next mile while giving one of your kids a piggyback?

The piggyback. I kinda want to try that actually.

run the exact same route every day or only be allowed to run once week?

Same route. I basically do that already. It’s by the water, but still. . .

run 10 miles with Donald Trump or Donald Sutherland?

Donald Trump. And I’d push him into traffic.

have to lick someone’s post marathon armpit or their foot?

Depends on the person, of course.

spend a race listening to a band you hate on your iPod or listening to your running partner sing off key to you? 26 miles, Ben… choose wisely…

My partner sings. I’ve already had him sing to Call Me, Baby a thousand times and I’ve grown to like it. I can’t listen to new country. Despite Rachel Munday’s musical tastes, I can’t stand Blake Shelton.


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