A 10 mile with Justin Trudeau or Justin Timberlake?

Mike Booth is a four time Manitoba Marathon winner and dedicated Winnipeg runner. He is a RMT and the owner of Massage Athletica and Saikel here in Winnipeg. He has recently added Triathlete to his list of accomplishments and is finding that it is improving his overall fitness. Most recently he ran the Arizona Rock n Roll Half Marathon and is looking forward to completing the New Orleans Rock n Roll Half Marathon at the beginning of March.

 Would you rather….

Run a marathon in shoes that are two sizes too small or complete the cycle of your triathlon on a kid’s BMX?

I’m a horrible cyclist either way, so give me the kid’s BMX!


DNS because I’m not a quitter.

run in +40⁰C or in -40⁰C?

+44 Celsius.  I’m a fair weather runner these days.

give up your favourite pair of running shorts or give up beer?

I’m more of a pineapple Malibu kinda guy.  I’ll give up the beer.

have to chug a litre of milk at mile 20 or have to complete the next mile while doing a sled drag?

Damn I have a dairy allergy; I’ll choose the sled drag.

run alone or run with a group for every run of an entire training cycle?

Running with a group.   Training with people is motivating.

train through winter for a spring race or through summer for a fall race?

Training through winter in prep for Mb Marathon use to be my jam. Much easier these day to train through summer for a fall event.

run 10 miles with Justin Trudeau or Justin Timberlake?

Not even close – Justin Timberlake

have to lick someone’s post marathon armpit or their foot?

Ugh… foot.