Run 10 miles with George Clooney or George Strombolopolis?

Lorraine Walton trains with “Quads of Fury” full marathon team at the Kenaston Running Room. Coached by Mike Cook, this year’s team has a record 56 in training to run the  Manitoba Marathon. She is a veteran of several marathons including Boston, New York and Chicago. Locally she has run over 30 half marathons and countless shorter distances. “Older runners are running well into their 70’s and 80’s and they are getting faster and stronger. I want to be among them”. Lorraine is the manager of the Running Room on Grant; she celebrated her 70th birthday in February.

 Would you rather….

run a marathon in shoes that are two sizes too small or in no shoes at all?

I don’t think I could do either. I still get nasty affluctions even in shoes that fit.

run as much as you want on the treadmill or only once a week outside?

I would always vote for outdoors even in the worst weather. Helps to clear your mind even though it may not be the best workout.


Don’t jinx me please.

run in +40⁰C or in -40⁰C?

Run in +40⁰C. I have a cutoff for running outdoors in winter. The wind chill is the determing factor for me.

have to complete a boot camp class at mile 20 or have to complete mile 21 while walking 21 dogs?

Is there another choice?

train through winter for a spring race or through summer for a fall race?

Summer most definitely. I love fall events. Sadly, many of the big ones are in spring.

run 10 miles with George Clooney or George Strombolopolis?

Etic Gilles for 100 metres at my pace!

have to lick someone’s post marathon armpit or their foot?

I will choose green bananas before either of these.

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