Meet our Super Doc the amazing Chair of our Medical Committee

I’m Dr. Anthony Morham, one of the many people involved with the Medical Care Center. We take care of the few runners that need medical attention during and after the race. We are now in the very luxurious Bison’s locker room on the ground floor of the Investor’s building … a far cry from under the bleachers beside the track, which is where the Care Centre started all those years ago!

The Manitoba Marathon, like for many others, was my first ever running event 13 years ago.   The half marathon was the goal to work towards, the reason to get together with others to train, and the sense of accomplishment when done. I have now repeated it 14 times, and done a few triathlons too! I owe the Manitoba Marathon for getting me into the sport, and for that reason I have spent the last four years volunteering at it.

I have met great people while volunteering: in the planning committees, with the Care Centre health care workers, and the patients who I have treated. The Care Centre Crew has had to make lots of MacGyver-like thinking-outside-the-box solutions (just remember everyone: no duct tape! … and  our IV poles are just the best – thanks Laurie!). We have helped lots of racers, most of whom, after some fluids and rest, have walked home very grateful for the care they received.  The volunteers who work in the Care Centre leave with a sense of accomplishment, knowing that they have genuinely helped.

Finally, as a physician, I hope that others might pick up this sport. It is a great form of exercise, which is doable by most people all year round, even in our Manitoba climate (you just have to dress for it)! By volunteering, you not only are keeping what is now a Manitoba tradition going, but are helping to keep Manitoba healthy.  Good job!