Surefire secrets to stay motivated when the weather gets cold

It’s Saturday. You get up at the usual early call for your long run. But it isn’t as bright and cheery outside as it has been… and it is cold. Like make you not want to get out of bed cold. The only thing that runs through your head us “UGGGGGHHHHHH! I don’t wanna!”

It is hard to stay motivated for those early call times when you aren’t waking up to sunshine and bird songs. How do you keep moving when you are feeling frozen to your bed? Here are four ways to keep you moving through to your goal.

  1. Use shorter goals to keep you moving forward. It is tricky to keep yourself reaching for your weekly milestones when your next race is four months away. Where is the urgency? I’m going back to sleep… Planning shorter term goals for interim races will keep you reminded that you still need to get your time in to stay on track. Check out the MRA Race Calendar to find your next conquest.
  2. Give yourself a reward. Make yourself a deal that if you complete all of your training runs for the next month you will treat yourself to a massage. Finished a destination run and on your way home? Stop and grab a nice hot coffee or tea. Just skip the venti triple moccachino with extra whip. Even if it is delicious.
  3. Simulate summer in your bedroom. Have a heater in your room so that when you wake up and get out of bed you aren’t freezing. Invest in a wake up that works – purchase an alarm clock that simulates rising sunshine to greet you in the morning and make the out of bed transition less difficult.
  4. Dress the part. Being outside and feeling cold sucks. Make sure you are providing yourself the proper gear to make those chilly runs less painful. Bonus points if they come in bright sunshiny colours to kick up your mood. And lay out your gear the night before so you aren’t fumbling around in the morning grumbling because you can’t find your socks. Super bonus points if you throw them in the pajama warming bag before you put them on. And you thought you had thought of everything.
  5. Find someone to push you or push someone else. Either find a running mentor who will challenge your training and hold you accountable or find someone who you will be accountable to teach. Buddy system in full effect.

If you need to mix up your winter routine with a little indoor cardio, don’t be too hard on yourself. Winter can be difficult… and we are just getting started!

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