Corral Starts in 2019

NEW THIS YEAR! Runners will assign themselves to start corrals in the Full, Half and 10K events based on previous race times or on predicted times during the registration process. This corral staging helps facilitate a smoother flow of traffic creating a faster and safer environment for all participants.

What if I’ve never run before or I’m not sure of my predicted finish time at registration? 

Are you running or walking the event?  If walking you will choose the last corral listed, if you’re running you will estimate your pace per mile over the distance registering for.  This process shouldn’t be stressful so don’t worry just be realistic and honest with yourself. Being honest will allow you to have your best race experience, so do not try to start in a faster corral than the pace you plan to run. This includes positioning yourself within that corral. If you think you’re at the slower end, go to the back. For runners who plan to go faster, then choose your corral accordingly and align yourself closer to the front. If you’re not lined up in the corral you should be in, it can affect your race and others.

I want to participate in an event with a friend how do we choose a corral? 

Ask yourselves the questions above and choose your best suited corral based on your collective findings.

My training went better than expected and I’d like to change my corral, can I do this?

Absolutely changes to corrals can be made at our Global News Fit Expo Registration area.


Start Corrals are just one of many of the upcoming race enhancements at the Manitoba Marathon as we strive to provide you with the very best race weekend experience.

Stay tuned for many more exciting announcements shortly.

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