“The more we give the happier we feel”

Manitoba Marathon is proud to call Great-West Life one of its longest standing and actively involved race weekend sponsors. Not only do they sponsor the Great-West Life Super Run, but their employees and their families come out in great numbers to volunteer on race day to distribute hats to Super Runners at the start line, and staff two hospitality stations along the Full Marathon and Super Run courses. This tradition has allowed many of Great-West Life’s employees to return to their volunteer positions year after year, including Anne Buffone, who has been volunteering at a hospitality station for six years. CLICK HERE to read more about Anne’s dedication to making her community a better place. Many thanks to Anne and all her co-workers who make the Manitoba Marathon such a special day for families and participants – they bring endless smiles and support all day long.

My name is Anne Buffone and I was born and raised in Winnipeg.  I’ve been employed with Great-West Life for the past 15 years in an administrative capacity.  I’ve been a vegetarian for 25 years, and I have two beautiful Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies, Bailee and Cricket.  For most of my life, I have held two jobs concurrently, and I always promised myself that I would donate my time to volunteer in my community with a willingness to work for the betterment of others.

I have been volunteering in my community for the past 10 years. My first experience was in 2008 with “The Weekend to End Breast Cancer” in support of the Manitoba Cancer Foundation. My individual fundraising efforts have helped raise over $1.2 million and the experience left me wanting to do more in my community.

With so many people volunteering in so many different ways, the individual reasons for volunteering are almost endless. Probably the best reason for me is to help others by making a difference and giving back to my community. I’ve been fortunate enough to have several opportunities to volunteer through my workplace at Great-West Life. These experiences have allowed me to help others less fortunate and make a difference, find purpose, meet new people and enjoy meaningful conversation, and connect with my community.

Volunteering for the Manitoba Marathon these past six years has been so much fun. During the Marathon, we cheer and laugh and even sometimes sing! It’s wonderful to see the faces of so many ‘peggers run, walk, stop and chat with us. This experience has made me wonder if even I can run a marathon, as I’m always so motivated and rejuvenated after the event. I think everyone should experience the Manitoba Marathon in some form or another, either by volunteering or participating.  It’s such a wonderful community event and it just keeps getting bigger and better each year.

The more we give, the happier we feel. Volunteering provides a natural sense of accomplishment and a sense of pride and identity. I feel a sense of meaning and appreciation—both given and received—which is extremely rewarding. Volunteering through different programs and avenues allows me to be devoted to a cause that’s close to my heart while spreading that passion to others.

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