Six New things for Volunteers to know for the 2019 Race

Six Things Manitoba Marathon’s Volunteer Team needs to know for the 2019 Race

  1. New Volunteer Check in Process for IGF Crew: To make the arrivals process easier, especially for new volunteers, we are adding a formal check-in process for those working in and around IGF on race day. Located in the Volunteer Hospitality area just inside Gate 1, all arriving volunteers will now head over to the check in area where their Team Leads will to pick them up and bring them to their assigned work area. This new process should help make arrivals easier and more efficient as everyone will report to one central location. It also allows our staff to keep better track of arriving volunteers so that we can make sure there is enough support in all areas.
  2. Volunteer parking at IGF: With the addition of paid parking for our participants, we have shifted volunteer parking from U Lot to Q Lot (see map below). As traffic for volunteer vehicles will now have to flow on to campus via University Crescent from Pembina Highway, all volunteers parking in Q Lot will have to be in place by 6:30 AM. No access will be available to the lot after 6:30AM as the street will be closed to prepare for runners, so ensure you arrive on time. If you have any questions about parking please contact your Team Lead or Manitoba Marathon staff.

  1. Elite Athlete Team Addition: With Manitoba Marathon welcoming the National Half Marathon Championships in partnership with Athletics Canada, there will be a lot of excitement. The country’s fastest runners in the half marathon distance will be at our start line for the next four years and we can’t wait. Part of this commitment requires us to add a team of dedicated Elite Athlete volunteers that will support these racers from the time they arrive in Winnipeg all the way to the awards ceremony. Welcome to this new team of volunteers: we are stoked to have you join our team!
  2. Saturday races and Expo Events: With the addition of the Half Marathon Championship, comes more media and excitement. Hosted in the Fit Expo on Saturday, June 15, there will be an opportunity to see and hear from elite athletes at the Media Event. We hope this brings more people to the race site to celebrate the weekend. Another first for us this year is the move of our Mini Mites race and the addition of the Mighty Mites race to Saturday. The addition of a second distance and dedicated time slot on Saturday will give our youngest participants a chance to really shine and allow parents who are running the next day to take the time to enjoy the event. Races will take place in front of Investors Group Field on Chancellor Matheson starting at 12:30 PM. If you are interested in volunteering at this start line, you can register through our website or contact the Programs Coordinator.
  3. Start Line Corral changes: All participants for this year’s race are being asked to register by their estimated finish time. This will allow us to better place runners in the start line corrals and avoid traffic issues as runners start the race. We will be adding additional direction to assist people in finding their place at the start, including new signage, additional volunteers as well as a Start Line Manager. The iTeam will also be extra important this year in helping to get everyone directed to the right place and ready to race.
  4. More support on course: Last year we added two Course Supervisors to assist course marshals and hospitality stations with communications and decrease response times. This year, we are adding Course Rovers to make this team complete. Course Rovers will cycle their designated section of the course and touch base with volunteers to aid in spotting any issues that need to be addressed more quickly and efficiently. Further details will continue to be communicated with on-course volunteers to best utilize these great new resources.

If you have any questions about any of these new aspects and how it will affect your job, please contact Programs Coordinator Kirsten Parker at

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