We are excited to be able to share the road with you in 2020, and are making many changes to race weekend to ensure the Health and Safety of our participants, volunteers and the community. 

In light of  COVID-19 and the safety of all involved this year’s race on Sunday, October 11, all areas of Race Weekend have been modified to allow for sufficient social distancing as well as a reduction of touch points and increased cleaning practices.  In accordance with public health guidelines we are asking anyone who is feeling unwell, has recently traveled and not self isolated for 14 days to please stay home October 11.

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We have implemented the following processes that we believe will allow us to hold an event that ensures that all participants, and volunteers have a healthy and happy experience: 

  • All participants and volunteers will be required to wear masks in the start and finish line areas with adequate social distancing provided in start line corrals and staging areas. We also request that runners wear their masks in crowded areas on the course.
  • Start times between events will be increased to create greater distance between runners along the course 
  • The Full Marathon/Relay Course has been modified to utilize one route that supports all events; this will allow for a reduced footprint of city streets, city services and police support as well as reduced volunteer numbers
  • Sanitation stations will be made available at start and finish areas as well as at aid stations along the course and with all washroom facilities 
  • Operations at aid stations along course will be modified to reduce touch points including the removal of all disposable cups
  • All public shuttle buses will be cancelled for 2020
  • No expo will be held; participant kit pickup will be scheduled to allow for distancing and reduced contact
  • In order to maintain safety and best practices for social distancing, all children under the age of 12 must run accompanied by an adult in the same distance

Package Pick Up 

Package Pick Up will be held on Friday and Saturday. All participants will be asked to choose a pick up time when they register for the event. ONLY Registered runners will be allowed to attend the package pick up, in an effort to allow appropriate distancing measures. We would encourage people to pick up bags for friends!  

 Volunteer Package Pick Up 

  • Volunteer supplies will be pre-packaged and sanitized in advance of pickups 
  • All pick-ups will be completed with pre-arranged pickup times 
  • All volunteers will be required to wear masks: if you do not already have a mask, we will have one for you
  • All volunteers will be required to wear masks at all times on race weekend



Community members will be welcome (and encouraged) to cheer along the race course, we ask that everyone respect social distancing guidelines wherever you are!

In an effort to keep the start and finish line as safe as possible, we cannot invite spectators to the Race Site. Only registered runners and walkers will be welcome on the University Campus and in IG Field.

Bag DropClothing Drop Off

Bag drop will not be available this year to reduce the number of touch points for participants and volunteers. 

Parking onsite and Bike Valet  

  • Park and Ride shuttles will not operate this year.
  • Bike Valet will continue to be available in our usual location.
  • Parking onsite will be available at registration U and Q lots (your car is a great place to keep your dry clothes!)

Start Corrals/ Start Line 

  • Corrals will be set up with adequate space to allow six feet between runners as well as a “staging area” in surrounding areas that will allow people to distance in advance of their event.  
  • Waves for events with staggered times to allow for sufficient distancing: Full and Relay at 7:00 AM, Half in 2 waves at 7:15 AM and 7:30 AM, 10KM in 2 waves at 7:45 AM and 8:00 AM, Super Run in 2 waves at 8:00 AM and 8:15 AM 
  • One distance/event ONLY in the corrals at one time. Participants please arrive as close to your start time as possible to avoid congestion. 
  • Participants MUST wear masks in the start line corrals and at the finish line (sanitizing stations will be located in both areas) 

Finish Line/Medal Distribution 

  • Masks will be required by participants and all volunteers in the finish line area 
  • Medals will be distributed to finishers but not placed around their necks
  • Participants will be encouraged to move through the field area to allow for appropriate distancing  
  • All recovery will be moved to the concourse area, no infield recovery will be available

 Food distribution 

  • Food will be distributed to participants in pre-packaged bags on the concourse area
  • All bags will be packaged following Clean Practices Guidelines prior to the race

Washrooms Hand Sanitizing Stations 

  • Porta-potties will continue to be available at the start line as well as on the course
  • Hand Santizer and/or washing stations will be available with each porta-potty,  throughout the start/finish areas and at IG Field
  • Sanitation stations will be available near the each of the relay exchange zones


Touchless Support stations 

  • No disposable cups will be available at the aid stations: we ask that all participants  bring their own water bottles and/or cups
  • Water stations will be available for refills along the course that will be operated by  volunteers. We will offer both water and Nuun Endurance at all stations
  • Clean Practices Guidelines will be provided to all water stations to ensure that all procedures are uniform and reduce touch points. Volunteers will wear masks and gloves at all times and will be trained to provide touchless refills of bottles and cups

Relay Zones 

  • Relay participants will be required to wear masks and maintain social distancing as they wait for their run team member to arrive and hand off the transponder 
  • Water table with Clean Practice guidelines will be available  
  • As no shuttle buses are available this year, all relay participants will be responsible to return themselves to their start location

Please note: at any point should it become mandated to ensure the safety of all participants and volunteers the Manitoba Marathon will pivot all October 11 events to virtual and no refunds will be offered.


To our province, city, corporate partners, participants, volunteers and supporters for your continued support of the Manitoba Marathon. The safety of all of our stakeholders is paramount and we believe by committing to our safe practice policies above we can enjoy a slightly different but great Manitoba Marathon experience; celebrating fitness, family and fundraising within our great community.