We are pleased to offer a hybrid event this year for the running of the 44th annual Manitoba Marathon. Co-vid-19 has presented many obstacles but we can still set goals, overcome challenges, get outside and move alone or socially distanced with others, while connecting digitally, which keeps us motivated, inspired and celebrating one another’s achievements.



I want to run together, apart in the 44th running of the Manitoba Marathon.

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Not ready to run in person? Can’t make it on race day? Whatever the reason, the Manitoba Marathon is committed to bringing the same passion, fun and creativity to our virtual event that you have come to love and know from us. We have many plans and surprises in store so that we can be a part of your virtual journey! Details will be coming at you quickly so please ensure you follow us on social media, watch our website and CHECK YOUR EMAILS for important race communications such as instructions on how to download RunKeeper and how you can manually upload your time to the Race Roster leaderboard.


We’ve got the same stellar swag you have come to expect from us. Participate, run or walk virtually from anywhere in the world and earn your exclusive 2022 medal and shirt (shirts for Full, Half and 10K events)


Our 2022 handbook will be available in May, 2022. To view the 2021 Virtual Race Handbook Click here


Exclusive 2022 Manitoba Marathon merchandise will be available in Spring 2022! Purchases can be made during your registration on Race Roster or by visiting our online store. Shipping and Pickup options are available.

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Virtual Race Information
A virtual race allows participants to complete a race on their own, from anywhere. Run or walk your race distance at your own pace and at a time and location of your choice. Choose your own race day and your own starting line, whether it’s a treadmill, a park or your neighbourhood streets. This option allows those invested in their training to keep going and be rewarded for their efforts.

Who can Participate?
Manitoba Marathon virtual race is open to anyone! Please note virtual races are not Boston qualifying races and are not eligible for elite or awards programming (2022). There are no vaccination requirements for virtual racing.

What will I get?

  • All of the amazing Manitoba Marathon event swag for each race distance you run!
  • Download your virtual DIY kit with Start & Finish signs 5K, 10K, Half, Relay, Full and Course KM and Miles distance markers, we’ve event got Cheer signs!
  • All the goodies to support yourself on race day: Nuun endurance hydration tablets, Honey Stinger Organic Cracker bars, and of course a finish line treat!
  • Access to Runkeeper which will track your time and upload results automatically to Race Roster results page; manual timing upload will also be available
  • Upload, share and photo tagging to to share the excitement of your accomplishments with others

Virtual Race Tips

IMPORTANT: All participants please ensure your email address is correct in your Race Roster profile as you will receive important race news via your email.

Package Pick Up 

ALL virtual participants must pickup their race kit or have their kit shipped. For the safety of our staff, volunteers and participants masks may be required to enter race kit pickup.


If you selected shipping at the time of registration, packages will be mailed in early June. If you wish to have your package shipped you may still do so via this link. Product listing — Store — Manitoba Marathon 2022 — Race Roster — Registration, Marketing, Fundraising In order to receive mailed packages prior to race day, the mail option must be selected prior to May 30th, 2022. Please ensure your shipping address is up-to-date in your registration profile. Any returned packages with incorrect addresses will be responsible for the additional postage.

When can I run my Virtual Race?
Please first sign-up for the Virtual Race. You may then run anytime between June 19th and July 31st, 2022!

Where is the Virtual Race Course?
Please choose your own route for this virtual event. It would be unsafe for us to provide a route that all could use at any specific time, as that may contribute to social distancing concerns. Additionally, by allowing registered runners to create their own routes, you may participate from wherever you are! Runners around the world annually register for Canada’s flattest, fastest  Marathon race. Use caution if running outside, and be alert of pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

We specifically request that you do not use any of the official race day routes, as these are not pedestrian safe without the use of street closures and police assistance with traffic. Please do not run on the official race course as this would not be safe and would not allow for following proper social distancing measures. For safety reasons, Virtual runners attempting run on the official course on Race Day will be removed from the course and disqualified from the event.

How will the Marathon Relay work?
Register your team to run the relay virtually! Marathon Relay teams can run individually, or together. Submit your results online through the results link on Race Roster.  Dress up, get creative and make it amazing!

Timing and completing your virtual race

You may complete your virtual race at any time during the race completion window of June 19th- July 31st. You will receive an email with instructions to help you complete your race.
You may re-attempt your race as many times as you want during the completion window.

Via the ASICS Runkeeper App:

  1. To complete your virtual race with the Runkeeper app, participants will receive an email with a link to download the app and create a free Runkeeper account prior to racing.
  2. You will receive an email when the completion window has begun. This email will have a “Start Virtual Run” button. You can also find the button on your Race Roster Participant Dashboard.
  3. Once selected, the Runkeeper app will automatically launch.
  4. Just before your run select “Start your race” on the app, and start racing!

Via a Connected GPS Device:

To complete your virtual race with a GPS device, you will need to connect it to the Runkeeper app.

  1. You will need to download the app and create a free Runkeeper account prior to racing. You can connect your device to the app through the app settings.
  2. You will receive an email when the completion window has begun. This email will have a “Start Virtual Run” button. You can also find the button on your Race Roster Participant Dashboard.
  3. Once selected, the Runkeeper app will automatically launch.
  4. Select “Link recent activity” on the app, and select the appropriate activity to act as your virtual race.
  5. The selected activity must already be on your Runkeeper profile, so please ensure you are already connected to the app prior to your race attempt.

Manual Time Upload (Relay Captains upload team time manually):

  1. Track your run with any app you choose, participants will receive an email with information to go to the results page of the event you’re participating in. From the results page, click the “Submit a virtual result” button.
  2. To confirm your registration enter in your last name and confirmation number, or by signing into your Race Roster account.
  3. Once your registration is confirmed, you will be prompted to enter your results and the results of anyone else that was included in your initial registration.
  4. You are able to come back at a later time to post additional results.

Download your Finisher’s certificate

After your results are submitted, you will be able to view your results details and finisher certificate. Click on your name for your result details and finishers’ certificate.

Will there be awards for the Virtual Race and can I qualify for Boston?
As everyone will be on the honor system and submitting their own finish times, we will not be offering awards for the virtual event. Additionally, since you’ll be creating your own courses that will not be certified, you will not be eligible for Boston Marathon qualification.

Can I still run and fundraise for the Virtual Race?
Yes, runners may still raise funds online the Manitoba Marathon and United Way thank you for you support of our projects during these unprecedented times.


Entry fees are non-refundable under all circumstances. That means that once we receive and accept your entry, you will not receive a refund for any reason and you will not be able to defer your entry for another year.


To our province, city, corporate partners, participants, volunteers and supporters for your continued support of the Manitoba Marathon. The safety of all of our stakeholders is paramount and we believe by committing to our safe practice policies above we can enjoy a slightly different but great Manitoba Marathon experience; celebrating fitness, family and fundraising within our great community.