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Manitoba Marathon Grants are provided throughout the year as long as funds are available.

Manitoba Marathon Foundation supports proposals in these six areas outlined below.

Priority Areas:

1. To assist people living with an intellectual disability return to your community from institutions. This includes personal items to make new residences into a home and/or furnishings for a new home.

2. To respond to high risk situations in your community that assist individuals considered at risk or persons moving to independent environments. Emphasis would be on supportive and individualized proposals which encourage the use of community resources as people move to full inclusion in the community.

Consideration in the following areas:

3. Employment – Assisting people with an intellectual disability to find and keep jobs in the regular work place, transition from school, transition from sheltered programs to the work place. Consideration will be given to projects of a social enterprise in the community.

4. Family Support – Projects that help to mobilize supports for families with a son/daughter with an intellectual disability. This could be to promote respite services, government benefits, transition from school to work, and navigating the system.

5. Retirement Options – Programs that would enable people living with an intellectual disability to retire and expand their horizons in their community.

6. Early Childhood – Ideas that promote the inclusion of children living with an intellectual disability in existing child care programs.

How to apply:
Your proposal should be no more than two pages and must include-
1. The legal name of your organization
2. Your charitable registration number
3. Contact person and all contact information (street address, mailing address, phone number, email address etc.)
4. Category of Proposal
 1. Return to the community from institutions  2. Housing Options  3. Employment
 4. Family Support  5. Retirement  6. Early Childhood
5. Information about your project (no more than three pages)

Please note: Manitoba Marathon does not provide funds for capital expenses such as mortgages or down payments nor is funding available for staffing expenses. Manitoba Marathon also does not provide funds
for vehicles.

Manitoba Marathon Proposals should be sent to:


Manitoba Marathon Foundation
4-1080 Waverley St.
Winnipeg, MB
R3T 5S4