The Manitoba Marathon is excited to have many talented artists gracing the participants and spectators with home grown talent on race day! Perfectly situated out on the course to keep you moving and motivated! Here are this year’s performers on the Manitoba Marathon course!

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Fubuki Daiko Kagemusha   Location -1) University Cres.  2) Portage Ave. & Overdale St.

Fubuki Daiko

Fubuki Daiko Kagemusha (FOO-BOO-KEY DIE-KO  KA-GAY-MOO-SHA), is the “shadow warrior” student group of Fubuki Daiko (Blizzard Drums).  Debuting at the 2000 Terry Fox Run, they have since performed for many worthwhile causes at races, fundraisers, and other events across the province.  Several members of the student group have also drummed with the professional performing group.

Fubuki Daiko has energized audiences everywhere since 1995 with their high-powered style of Japanese drumming. Their debut CD was voted “Outstanding Instrumental Recording” at the 2001 Prairie Music Awards. Their follow-up CD, “Zanshin,” (ZAHN-SHEEN) was released in 2004.  For more information about introductory workshops, feel free to talk to any of the members after the performance.

                                       Colour By Numbers    Location  -River Rd. & Bishop Grandin
Colour by numbers

Global News Fit Expo – Friday June 17, 4:00-4:45 PM

Colour By Numbers is anything but by the numbers, the quartet of indie rockers from Winnipeg, Manitoba craft a sound layered with vocal harmonies, catchy hooks and pop sensibility while staying true to their nerd rock roots. The lineup sees Jared Adams and Alex Kozub sharing lead vocal with Mike McDermid on drums while multi-instrumentalist Jesse Millar will jump from guitar to synth to percussion all in one song.

In the spring of 2014 they released their self-titled, debut EP featuring five tracks ranging from pop and folk songs to psychedelic rockers and seventies funk imitation with heavy, dancy grooves. University of Winnipeg publication, The Uniter reviewed the EP saying, “Colour By Numbers has a gift for making harmony the focal point of every song, […] tying this eclectic rootsy indie pop EP together.”

Recently, Colour By Numbers have released a punchy new single “The Great Gatsby”, along with their first music video. This group of talented and dedicated musicians isn’t afraid to be unconventional and craft their own, unique sound.


                                               Chris The Accordion Guy     Location- St. Vital Rd. & River Rd.


From the heart of the prairies emerges  master of the accordion Chris “The Accordion  Guy” (aka. Messytone). Chris creates  a strong balanced unique sound and blazing musical stew of styles that captivates the audience.

From Ethnopop to  Celtic, Cajun,  Rock,  World, Modern International European Folk, and zydeco, close your eyes and be transported around the world. Tap your toes as Chris rocks the accordion, then let him draw you into a calmness through his hypnotic tunes.

According to Vancouver’s Georgia Strait, Chris is the Ashley MacIsaac of the accordion. If that is not enough, let him astound you with his ability to give you a new musical experience in playing the accordion and piano or keyboard simultaneously, adding unique textures and depth to his sound.

Original songs and instrumentals emanating from  ethnic and world influences, Chris has the ability to rock the accordion and tailor his performance to all kinds of audiences and styles of music whether it’s familiar tunes or his creative innovations. Chris is a brilliant composer, a singer with a gravelly raspy voice, a songwriter that touches people’s lives, and part of the group The Messytones.


                                                      Crazy Eddie       Location -Kingston Row at Rosewarne Ave

Crazy Eddie

Get your toes a’ tapping and your face a’ smiling! You may recognize Crazy Eddie, as has graced the Manitoba Marathon course for many years! He is there to keep a pep in your step, and fun in your run! Crazy Eddie will keep you moving with his accordion and contagious energy!

                                        Naysa     Location – St Mary’s Road at St. Anne’s Road (Millers Meats)


A gloomy, poppy, patchwork of melancholy and catchy melodies, NAYSA’s music doesn’t lend itself to uncomplicated comparisons. While the genre may be hard to place, they will inevitably hook you in with their simplicity, sincerity, and downtrodden charm. The bulk of the NAYSA’s songs began as solo material for founding member and songwriter Reverend Davey Todd III, and throughout 2013 the other members of the quartet were slowly brought together to fill out the band, the songs and the sound. Grant Danyluk, Graham Duval, and Sean Leslie now round out the line-up, bringing the necessary instrumentation and complexities to the skeleton song framework of Todd.

In the short lifespan, NAYSA has quickly amassed an abundance of material. In a little over a year, three releases have already emerged. The first EP, “Songs we Recorded in our Basement” was described as “a noisy throwback to college radio circa the Pixies/Replacements era” by Stylus Magazine. The follow up, the “Troubled Heart” EP was released only a few months later. Described as, “four tracks of upbeat, loose, sporadic pop that would make fans out of people who dig Makeout Videotape or the first Yuck LP” and “ramshackle genius” by Uniter Editor Nicholas Friesen. The third release, a single, is now out on the band’s bandcamp. Naysa is one of the hardest working bands in Winnipeg. Already playing numerous shows around the city, both headlining or opening for touring artists like Mac DeMarco. They’ve already played festivals around the province, and have a couple western-Canadian tours under their belt. With a new EP out October 2nd the band has no plans of slowing down. 

                                             Moon Tan Band       Location-316 St. Mary’s Rd (AWD Windows)

Moon Tan

Global News Fit Expo – Saturday June 18, 4:00-5:00 PM

Energetic. Funky. Progressive. Vintage. Rock n’ Roll.  These are a just few elements that have forged together to create a unique yet very familiar sound, one that is cleverly harnessed by Winnipeg’s newest power trio known as Moon Tan.

 Very active in Winnipeg’s nightlife scene, Moon Tan never fails to turn heads during their dynamic live
performances. With funky, driving bass lines that lift you from your seats, beastly-intricate drum beats that draw you to the dance floor, piercing vocals and soaring-melodic guitar licks cleverly woven into the mix, this power trio packs a punch.
“We enjoy dabbling in unconventional time signatures while still maintaining a common sound ground with our audience,” says front man Adrian Dyer. “Whether you’re into dance tunes or math rock, we’ll have a little something to catch your ear.”  This is evident on Moon Tan’s track “Medieval Dance”, which lures you in as it transforms from a dance pop number into a psychedelic, jazzy breakdown, and then ties back neatly together at the end.
If the rave reviews Moon Tan received from past live performances is any measure, new audiences will drive this band to even greater heights.


                                             Matt Moskal      Location -Lyndale Dr., across from Rosewood Pl.
Matt Moskal

Gravelly. Check. Acoustic. Check. Bearded. Check. Matt Moskal looks and sounds like he followed the handbook for folk musicians. But somewhere along the way, the Winnipeg, MB singer-songwriter was distracted by a freaky mix of pop, soul and garage singles. His performances are earnest and uncomplicated but underlined with cheeky and preposterous charm. Moskal has performed with the likes of Fred Penner, Joey Cape, B.A. Johnston, Daniel, Fred & Julie and The Undesirables. He has also hosted stages at Northern Lights Festival Boreal, Real Love Summer Fest, River & Sky Camping and Music Festival, Winnipeg Comedy Festival and Winnipeg Jazz Festival. 

                                                       Catarina Arbour     Location-Lyndale Dr. & Cromwell St.


Global News Fit Expo – Friday June 17, 2:00-2:45 PM

With a passion born from singing in award-winning choirs honed with the gymnastics of jazz and, coloured with the emotional depth of the blues, Catarina Arbour has taken her place on centre stage. A singer/songwriter whose lyrics belie her youth, straps on her guitar and deftly guides her audience on an intimate journey from heartache to inspiration with a purity of voice guaranteed to move you, she’s sure to send chills down your spine.


                                                           Micah Erenberg     Location – Broadway Ave at Balmoral

                                                            Paulo Borges      Location – Portage Ave at Raglan Rd.

Paolo Borges

Paulo is a local teacher, musician and engineer/producer with over 30 years of musical experience. He has extensive experience in traditional music, jazz and rock as a bass player, vocalist and composer. Born and raised in Winnipeg, he received his Jazz education at St. Francis Xavier University (Nova Scotia).  Pauloʼs music is a smooth blend of traditional, folk, Bossa and jazz elements, suitable to all moments from quiet to celebratory. He performs in both Portuguese and English.

                                                       Kevin Roy    Location- Wellington Cres. & Waterloo St.

Kevin Roy

Global News Fit Expo – Friday June 17, 3:00-3:45 PM

Everyone loves a good story. Winnipeg Alt-Country troubadour, Kevin Roy, shares his songs as if telling a story for the first time over morning coffee. He seamlessly weaves earnest tales and comedic balladry to create a tall-grass poetry painting images of Canadiana and experiences of the roads he has travelled. If Lyle Lovett and Blue Rodeo went on a fishing trip together in the Canadian Shield, they just might pen the next Kevin Roy album.

                                  Ryan VanBellegham         Location – Harrow & Corydon (St. Ignatius School)


Global News Fit Expo – Saturday June 18, 2:15-3:00 PM

Ryan Van Belleghem is a Canadian singer songwriter, born in the mosquito-infested forests of Northwestern Ontario. Many times a year, he emerges from the jack pines, and ventures back to shore from his kayaking trips on Lake of the Woods in his hometown Kenora, Ontario. He then makes his way to the central prairies of Winnipeg, Manitoba. As an architecture student, sculptor, ex-football player, pinterester, and wannabe graphic designer, Ryan’s life has been and continues to be full of adventures that have crafted his musical career and style. 

Ryan’s music has been inspired by such artists as Jack Johnson, John Mayer, Bob Dylan, Eric Church, Neil Young, Tom Petty, Ben Harper, and The Tragically Hip. He has also worked with a number of inspiring artists such as Jason Collett, Dustin Bentall, Ian Tamblyn, and Jeremy Fisher, who have helped craft his quirky-funk-folk-pop Canadian style. 

Ryan plans to continue his musical career, continuously widening his style. It seems every week he has dipped in to a new artist, style and genre of music that allows him to expand, craft, and finely tune his style. After releasing his first album in 2010 entitled “Another Man”, Ryan released a second album with CBG studios in Winnipeg entitled “For A Home”, reflecting on his contrasting life between the lake, the woods, and the city, which is apparent in such songs as “For A Home” and “One Hell Of A Year”. The album has reached a number of radio stations across Canada and continues to attain frequent radio play. Ryan has since written a number of new songs that he plans to record in the new future. One of these new songs, entitled “Manitoba Winds”, has been featured on Breakfast Television in Winnipeg and can be found on his home page of his website.  

Ryan’s style has allowed him to emerge as an up and coming musician with a soulful voice and a lyrical complexity as immense and intricate as his last name, that reaches the heart, mind and soul.


Neil Keep    Location -Crane & South Dr. (Winnipeg Free Press 10K split)


Neil Keep’s voice is a bring-the-house-down, show-stopper. Smokier than Bublé, edgier than Sinatra; he can be tender, jagged, playful, mocking, brooding, belting – but he is engaging, musical & communicating at all times.

He has performed in the finest establishments of Winnipeg with well-known talents providing incredible accompaniment: Merv Mauthe, Ron Paley, Jonathan Alexiuk, Steve Kiz. Neil has also done well over a thousand solo shows with backing tracks since 1990. Neil performs regularly at seniors’ residences and is currently a member of four bands, including “The InClines: Sweet Dreams of Patsy Cline”, a touring tribute show where he does tight, Jordanaire-style backup harmony with sister, Karen Keep, and light, comedic schtick to the delight of audiences across western Canada.

Neil’s CD, “Mr. E & The Jazz Gumshoes”, is a pleasant mix of Jazz Standards; 2 original Jazz compositions and a few divergent surprises. “Mr. E” is available by contacting Neil directly through

                                                                         DJ Lambo         Location – St. Vital Park

DJ Lambo


The Minority         Location – 766 Jubilee Ave (BDI)

The Minority were formed over the 2008 summer holidays when grade 5 best friends Matt Granger and Kasey Kurtz were inspired to play after listening to Green Day’s “American Idiot”. They then wrote their first song, “All The Way Back”, and quickly realized they were in desperate need of a drummer. With a bit of convincing, schoolmate Chris Doerksen would join what was still, at the time, an unnamed band.

After getting together and trying out some cover songs, they entered a talent contest. Since they still didn’t have a name and had to rush to find one before a registration deadline, they opted to name themselves after the song “Minority” by Green Day, the band that had started them in the first place.

Around two years later, they recorded their first single, “Gone With The Rain”, in the basement of the Marlborough Hotel in downtown Winnipeg, MB. Unfortunately, the quality of the recording wasn’t overly good, and they put off doing any more recording for the following year or so.

In February 2012, they recorded a new song, entitled “Maybe”, which was included on Manitoba Music’s youth mentorship CD and then distributed across Canada to industry professionals.

Since then, The Minority have added guitarist Alex Schuff to their lineup, been written up in two newspaper articles (La Liberté and The Winnipeg Free Press) and have now been doing regular shows with vocalist Ashleigh Sadler at Joe Black Coffee Bar and various events held at their high school, Collège Sturgeon Heights Collegiate. They’ve played many venues including the Red River Ex, Ellice Theatre, Park Theatre, Manitoba Marathon and many others. They play a wide variety of genres spanning from pop to rock to jazz.

While they haven’t recorded much in recent years, they’ve been slowly building up material in the hopes of one day releasing an EP of original music.

Martin Samoiloff         

Global News Fit Expo – Saturday June 18, 3:00-3:45 PM 

 Martin Samoiloff is a singer-songwriting musician. His latest album, ‘Peace Of Mind,’ offers original songs and music in a variety of styles. Fellow multi-instrumentalists Chris Conlin and Donny Haldane provide the perfect counterpoint to Martin’s ideas. Special guest Joe Dudych adds acoustic guitar in the first two tracks, and brother Nestor Dudych makes a cameo banjo appearance in ‘TGIF.’