It’s a thrilling experience every Father’s Day, as you join nearly 11,000 runners in a Celebration of Fitness, Family, and Fundraising. And it’s even more fun if you’ve done your planning before the big day and know what you can expect that morning.

Manitoba Marathon Course Map

Turn by turn directions and maps for each event can also be found on each event page.

Race Day: Event Start Times (subject to change)

Event Start Time
Wheelchair Marathon & Half Marathon 6:55 AM
Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries 42.2 km Marathon 7:00 AM
Asics Runkeeper 21.1 km Half Marathon 7:00 AM (red/blue)
Asics Runkeeper 21.1 km Half Marathon 7:10 AM (green/yellow)
Johnston Group Relay 7:10 AM
GoodLife Fitness 10K 7:15 AM
MPA 5km Super Run 8:00, 8:03, 8:05 AM

Race Day Awards

Awards presentations will be made at IG Field, near the Finish Line, at the following approximate times:

8:30am: Asics Runkeeper Half Marathon
10:00am: Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries Full Marathon
10:30am: Johnston Group Relay

Start & Finish Areas

The Start and Finish Lines of the Manitoba Marathon are located on the University of Manitoba campus, IG Field in south Winnipeg. This section will tell you all about the Start and Finish areas, and access information to help you in your travel planning to ensure that you get to your Start Line comfortably and on time.

All race kits must be picked up at our 2 day  Fit Expo. THERE IS NO RACE DAY KIT PICK UP!

 The Start Area

Our Start area map shows the location of the Start Lines and the clothing drop-off locations, toilets, and information centre which are located in IG Field. Please ensure that all clothing bags are marked with your bib #. Clothing drop-off is located in the Pinnacle Room located inside Princess Auto Stadium on the South-East side. Each event has its own Start Line Arch easily visible at the Start area.

The Marathon and Half Marathon Start areas each have Pace per Mile signs to assist runners in the self-seeding of the start lines. Runners are reminded that your race starts when you cross the Start mats with your chip bib, not when the gun goes off, so there is no need to crowd to the front.


The Finish Area

Our finish line map shows the location of the Finish Line, recovery and spectator areas, toilets, medical area and clothing pickup area in Princess Auto Stadium.  Please note the Family Meet Me Area located in Section 143. Those spectators wishing to reunite with their participants should meet their parties in this section.

All events will finish on Princess Auto Stadium, with runners entering the stadium for a Big League finish at field level. Runners should note that there will be an overlap of finishers between events. Course marshals and track marshals will be on hand to direct runners into different lanes as you approach and enter Investors Group Field, to ensure your safety where finishers in different events are running at very different paces. For the safety of all of our participants please adhere to the marshals instructions and cones that are laid out to delineate event lanes.


Race Day: Rules of the Road

The Manitoba Marathon is committed to the highest standards of fair play amongst all participants. We do reserve the right to disqualify any participants who breach our rules of the road.

Runner Numbers: Only registered runners/walkers wearing assigned bib numbers will be allowed on the courses. All runners receive a Runner Number for their event when they register.  Your runner number (worn on the front and visible) tells the volunteers and course marshals that you have registered for your run and that you belong on the course.

For individual events, timing is conducted using the “chip bibs”,  while Relay runners wear a timing bib belt which is transferred at each Relay Exchange Station.  If you wear the bib incorrectly (or not at all), or if you are not recorded at one of the mats, you will not receive a finishing time or result.

If you cannot run, you are welcome to transfer your registration prior to the race, to another runner using the online transfer process or at the Fit Expo. Runners who run with a bib number and chip that did not complete the transfer will be disqualified.

Every participant must run the whole distance of the event that they are registered in. Courses are accurate, and are measured only on the roadways. Any course cutting (over any grassy area and boulevards at corners) will be treated as unauthorized short cuts on the course, and as a major breach of our “fair play” rules.

Runners must cross the Finish Line only once and Relay runners cannot accompany their team’s last runners onto the University track. Failure to abide by these rules will lead to disqualifications.

Corral Starts: Runners have been seeded according to their projected pace during the registration process. This will result in a safe and efficient start for all of our participants. Remember, the Chip Bibs will give you YOUR real time and any delays after the Gun Start won’t count toward your finishing time.

Runner Safety: The streets used by Manitoba Marathon events are completely closed to traffic or to cross-traffic. Only registered runners and walkers and official course cyclists and vehicles are allowed on the course. For the safety of participants, bicycles, roller skates, or roller blades and pets are prohibited from all Manitoba Marathon courses. They will be removed by police and course marshals. As well, runners who are accompanied by unofficial cyclists will be disqualified.

Baby strollers/joggers are prohibited on the Full and Half and 10km courses. Participants will be removed from the course and disqualified. Baby strollers and baby joggers CAN be registered for participation in the 5km Super Run. The adult pushers should start at the back of the pack to ensure the safety of nearby participants.

“The use of portable headphone devices (iPods, MP3 players, CD players, etc.) is discouraged (prohibited for Elite Athletes) – for your safety and the safety of others. You MUST be aware of your surroundings at all times and this includes being able to hear any verbal warnings/instructions from police/course officials; or the sound of any vehicles and other participants on the course. If you choose to wear a portable headphone device during a race, you do so at your own risk and on your own responsibility.” Any Elite Athlete wearing a headphone device during the race and upon finishing with an award placement understands their use of these devices is prohibited and will result in disqualification from race awards.

Course Closing: The Manitoba Marathon course officially closes at a pace of 14 minutes per mile. A well-marked Course Closing Vehicle will signal the closing of the course. Participants must be aware that the Course Closing Vehicle is also the signal for volunteers to close down Hospitality and Medical stations. Participants who are either passed by the course closing vehicle, or who have not reached Pembina Hwy & Crescent Dr. by the posted course closing time of 12:45 pm will be REQUIRED to exit the course via complimentary shuttle back to the U of M. These participants are welcomed to the Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries recovery area for rest and refreshments, but will not receive an official time. All participants must be finished by no later than 1pm.