The Johnston Group Relay is one FUN event so grab four family members, friends, co-workers, classmates or anyone you can find for that matter!  Create a team and enjoy an amazing race day experience as you cover the entire Full Marathon course!



*There are no refunds, transfers or deferrals.
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Date and Start Times

Date: June 16, 2024

Start – 7:10 am

Race Details

Fees for the Johnston Group Relay are per team

  • Each team will receive 6 bibs (one for each team member plus the timing bib on a race belt).
  • The race belt (with attached chipped bib) must be handed off at each of the four best parties on the Marathon course — the Relay Exchange zones.
  • Teams can consist of 4 or 5 members, however ALL team members must be registered by June 12th or the team will be disqualified. (only teams of 5 will qualify for category awards and to qualify for youth awards all team members must be from the same school). Team members cannot be added at the expo!
  • If a team member wishes to run the Full or Half Marathon, they must register for both events, pay the cost of both events and run the first leg for their team. NOTE: all Relay awards are based on net chip time to accommodate those running two events.
  • If you register as the team captain, that means you are running on the team. Please ensure everyone who is registered (team captain and team members) are all participating on race day.
  • Your clothing that you dropped off in the Pinnacle Club will be available for pickup immediately after exiting recovery. Any Relay team member wishing to check a dry clothing bag may do so  in the bag provided at Expo with their first runner for pickup in the Pinnacle Club post-race.
  • Failure to follow these rules may result in disqualification and no official time! Race belts must be returned at the Finish Line.

Race Swag

Relay participants received a uniquely crafted team finisher medal! The final runner receives the medal at the finish line which can then be “shared” with each team member as a keepsake of your accomplishment! 

Relay Zone Shuttle Service

The Johnston Group Relay event offers race day shuttle service between exchange zone.  Simply park your car, run your leg, and take the appropriate shuttle back to your vehicle. Each relay Exchange Zone will have well marked buses.

(At IG field a shuttle will be available on demand to take participants who have completed the event back to relay exchange zone#4. Please note this shuttle will NOT be available prior to race start: all participants are responsible to arrive at exchange zones via independent transport).

*Please note: Only runner # 1 has to be at the start line.  All other runners should go directly to their appropriate exchange zones. See relay exchange zone maps below* WE DO NOT OFFER SHUTTLES OUT TO THE EXCHANGE ZONES FROM IG Field.

Course Closing

The Manitoba Marathon course officially closes at a pace of 14 minutes per mile. A well-marked Course Closing Vehicle will signal the closing of the course and the re-opening of the roadway.

  • Participants must be aware that the Course Closing Vehicle is also the signal for volunteers to close down Hospitality and Medical stations.
  • Participants who have not reached Pembina and Harrow by 11:35 am  or who have not reached Pembina Hwy & Crescent Dr. by the posted course closing time of 12:45 pm will be REQUIRED to exit the course via complimentary shuttle back to the U of M. 
  • All runners who are transported in Marathon vehicles due to course closing or medical circumstances will be required to wear a mask while in the vehicle.
  • These participants are welcomed to the Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries recovery area for rest and refreshments, but will not receive an official time.
  • All participants must be finished by no later than 1pm.

 A Brief Course Tour

The Relay course follows every step of the 26.2 mile Manitoba Marathon course, from start to finish, with four exciting relay exchange stations set up along the course.

Relay Leg Distances     Leg distance
  From To Miles Kms  
Leg 1 Start line Dunkirk Exit Ramp 4.9 7.9
Leg 2 Dunkirk Exit Ramp Laura Secord School 6.6 10.6
Leg 3 Laura Secord School Wellington @ Chattaway 4 6.5
Leg 4 Wellington @ Chattaway Point Road 4.9 7.9
Leg 5 Point Road Finish Line 5.8 9.3

Relay Map

Johnston Group Relay Exchange Zones

#1 -Dunkirk Dr. Interchange (In front of The Winnipeg Canoe Club)

#2 -Wolseley Ave. @ Ruby St. (In front of Laura Secord School)
#3 -Wellington Cres. @ Chataway Blvd.
#4 -Point Rd. @ Waterford St. (Viscount Alexander School)