Race Day Awards

Major awards presentations will be held in the Winners Circle on IG Field, at the following approximate times:

 8:30am: Intrepid Dezine Half Marathon & GoodLife Fitness 10k
10:00am: Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries Full Marathon
10:30am: Manitoba Marathon Relay

National Championships Update

The Manitoba Marathon is thrilled to host the Half Marathon National Championships, as awarded by Athletics Canada, from 2019 to 2022.

Only Canadian Citizens are eligible to be declared Canadian Champions and receive a medal, award, or financial recognition. MORE HERE under rule 86b

To ensure excellence of the championship races, elite runners may be subject to drug testing. Athletes having positive drug test results will have their cases investigated and Manitoba Marathon reserves the right to withhold any and all prize money until any such investigation has been completed.

Intrepid Dezine Half Marathon overall fastest male and female (Canadian Only Prize Money and winners must be a member of Athletics Canada – This is a National Championships) If you’re competing for prize money – please become a member HERE

Intrepid Dezine Half Marathon Top Categories

Male & Female

  • 1st Place$5000 Cash
  • 2nd Place$2500 Cash
  • 3rd Place$1250 Cash
  • 4th Place$750 Cash
  • 5th Place$500 Cash
  • Half Marathon Top Manitoban Award

    Male & Female

    Top Age Class Categories Medals

    Available post race day

    • Years 16-19
    • 5 Year Age Groups20-2470-74
    • Years 75

    Intrepid Dezine Top Masters 40+

    Male & Female

    Full Marathon Top 3 Categories

    Male & Female

    • 1st Place$1000 Cash
    • 2nd Place$500 Cash
    • 3rd Place$250 Cash
    • Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries Full Marathon Top Manitoban

      Male & Female

    Top Age Class Categories Medals

    Available post race day

    • Years 16-19
    • 5 Year Age Groups20-2470-74
    • Years 75+

    Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries Full Marathon Top Masters 40+

    Male & Female

    The John Robertson Top Manitoban Award

    Male & Female

    Bob Walker Award for Fastest Young Manitoban

    With a running career that spanned almost 20 years, Bob Walker was one of the best of an outstanding group of Manitoba distance runners that competed in the 1970’s and 1980’s. As a member of the University of Manitoba Razorbacks Track Club, he placed 5th in the 1972 Olympic Trials for the 10,000m distance. From 1979 to 1986, Bob ran 14 marathons, including 7 in 2:23 or better. Most notably, Bob ran the 1981 Manitoba Marathon in 2:19:06, setting the record for fastest Manitoban to ever run that race. Bob’s personal best marathon time, and fastest for any Manitoban, was set at the 1981 Nations Cup in Montreal in 2:19:03. In addition to his running accomplishments, Bob was a devoted husband & father, and was well known for his sportsmanship, integrity & camaraderie.”

    Full Marathon Male & Female Ages 19-29 Prize: $250 each

    Rick McLennan Award

    Awards fastest first time Manitoban Male and Female Full Marathoner.

    Wheelchair Participants

    Awards will be given out to the top three wheelchair participants, however only participants using non assisted wheel chairs (ie: chairs without gears) will be eligible for awards

    Age Class Category Awards

    Participants who are from outside Winnipeg will have their awards mailed to them. Those who place and live in Winnipeg will be notified post race, their award will be available for pickup at the Manitoba Marathon office until September 30.

    Manitoba Marathon Relay

    On race day, the Manitoba Marathon will recognize the top male, female and mixed teams in the Manitoba Marathon Relay. Category medals (for each team member) will be available for pickup for the top three teams (male, female and mixed) in each of the 15 team categories, following Race Day. A member of the team will be notified by our office once these are ready for pickup. Awards will be available for pickup until September 30 and all awards are based on Chip Net Time. To be eligible for awards, teams MUST have 5 individual runners.  Incomplete teams are not eligible for any awards. Please note to be eligible for School age category awards all team members must be from the same school otherwise your team is placed in the Open category.