Watching the Marathon

Join our Miles of Smiles on Father’s Day!

  • Cheering along the course: Learn about the route, road closures and when to expect runners at various points, and collect some proven tips on great spectating.
  • Great Viewpoints: Check out our favourite viewpoints along the course.
  • Cheering at the Start and Finish Lines:
  • Some Favourite Cheers, and other fun stuff.

Cheering along the course:

  • Map out where you want to be, ahead of time. The Manitoba Marathon covers 26.2 miles of beautiful Winnipeg neighbourhoods, with a couple extra miles tossed in for the Half Marathon.  Start by viewing or printing a copy of our Marathon Map. It shows the course for all events, as well as the locations some of the really exciting areas along the course – our Hospitality Stations, Ice Stations, and Relay Exchange Stations.
  • Plan on when you should be there. Use our Time of Day chart below, to ensure that you get to see who you want to see! Remember to be flexible – your friends can be having a really good day or a tough one, so get there early and stay a bit later, just in case.
  • Plan on how to get there. The Manitoba Marathon course is a closed “parade route” and you will not be allowed to drive on or cross the marathon route. Think ROAD CLOSURES and backed up traffic. So…give yourself enough time to reach your spot, choose where you need to get to, including any detours you may need to make, and plan to park and walk in to your viewing spot.
  • Plan on how to find your friends – know what they’re wearing!
  • Help your runner friends find you! Sometimes it’s easier for runners to see you! Let them know where you expect to be, and which side of the road you plan to stand on. Consider balloons or signs to grab their attention!

Great Viewpoints:

Do you have friends who live right on the Manitoba Marathon course? If so, help them organize an early Father’s Day party – pull out those lawn chairs and turn up the music! It will be SO appreciated by the thousands of runners who will pass you by, knowing that you care!

Check out these Spectator Favourites:

Time of Day Viewing Guide

View Point Leader (5:00) 8 min. pace 10 min. pace 12 min. pace
Mile 1: Pembina & University Cres (Full & Half) 7:05am 7:08am 7:10am 7:12am
Mile 2: Bishop Grandin & River Rd.  (F) 7:10am 7:16am 7:20am 7:24am
Mile 3.5: Dunkirk Dr. & St. Vital Rd. (F) 7:18am 7:28am 7:35am 7:42am
Mile 6: St. Mary’s Rd. (North of St. Anne’s) (F) 7:30am 7:48am 8:00am 8:12am
Mile 9.5: Broadway Ave. @Legislature Building (F) 7:45am 8:16am 8:35am 8:54am
Mile 11: Wolseley Ave. (F) 7:55am 8:28am 8:50am 9:12am
Mile 13.1: Portage Ave. @ King Edward St.(F) 8:05am 8:45am 9:11am 9:37am
Mile 14: Assiniboine Park Footbridge (F) 8:10am 8:52am 9:20am 9:48am
Mile 16: Wellington Cres. (F) 8:20am 9:08am 9:40am 10:12am
Mile 18: Harrow St. (F) 8:30am 9:24am 10:00am 10:36am
Mile 24: Pembina Hwy. (F & H) 9:00am 10:12am 11:00am 11:48am
Mile 11 HALF: Pembina Hwy. 7:55am 8:28am 8:50am 9:12am
Finish Times, Marathon 9:17am 10:30am 11:22am 12:14pm
Finish Times, Half Marathon 8:08am 8:45am 9:11am 9:37am

Cheering at the Start and Finish areas:

  • Many spectators join us at our Start Lines outside IG Field and then move on into the grandstands, to watch waves and waves of runners finish on the field.  All spectator seating will be on the East side of the Stadium and access in and out will be via Gates 1 & 2 at the South end of the field. The stadium will be open pre-race for participant clothing drop-off, washroom use, concessions and will be buzzing with music and fun as finishers arrive!
  • If you plan to be at the start and finish lines to watch your family or friends start or finish, you will face the same vehicle access (and timing) issues as the runners and walkers. Simply stated, many roads are closed, traffic backs up, and we strongly recommend that you check out our Race Day: Start and Finish Area map, to help you plan your day.
  • Our Start/ finish line maps shows the location of the Start and Finish.
  • Time of Day Start times & projected finishing times for each event are:
    • Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries 42.2 km Manitoba Marathon: 7:00 and 9:15+
    • 50Km Ultra-7:00 and 10:00+
    • Asics RunKeeper Half Marathon: 7:00 and 8:08+
    • Johnston Group Relay: 7:10 and 9:30+
    • 5km Super Run: 7:15+ and 7:30+
    • GoodLife Fitness 10K: 7:15 AM and 8:05+

Some Tips for Great Spectating

  • Dress for the weather. You will be outside for a while, and weather conditions can change. So be prepared.
  • Get noticed! Signs, music, balloons…remember, it’s a party out there, so help CELEBRATE the commitment of all runners to Fitness, Family & Fundraising!
  • Cheer for your friends, but cheer for all those strangers too!
  • Find some favourite cheers. Need some inspiration? Try these….
    • You’re looking great!
    • Running smooth!
    • You can do it!
    • Way to go!
    • That’s it, one step at a time!
    • Stay relaxed! Keep it up!
    • Keep it going!
    • Water/relay zone just ahead/around the corner… doing great!
    • Call out something unique about the runner(s) – shirt colour or slogan or school/corporate names.
    • Go for it! You’re almost there! (but ONLY near the end!)
  • Remember, cyclists/roller blades are not allowed on the course, as they are a hazard to other participants and are considered an unfair assist. Accompanied runners can be disqualified.

Race Day Entertainment

“Calling all Entertainers!” We’re always looking for more entertainment to participate in Manitoba’s largest mass participation event! Join our fabulous groups already “strutting their stuff!” We need your help in cheering on the Manitoba Marathon participants.

More entertainment means more family, more fun, and a thrilling Manitoba Marathon experience for participants and spectators alike!

Come out, entertain us, join our party! For more information on becoming a part of our annual celebration please call our office at 204-415-4517 or email us at

Join in the spirit of the Manitoba Marathon!