The Manitoba Marathon is thrilled to host the Intepid Dezine Half Marathon National Championships, as awarded by Athletics Canada, from 2019 to 2022.

Only Canadian Citizens are eligible to be declared Canadian Champions and receive a medal, award, or financial recognition. MORE HERE under rule 86b

To ensure excellence of the championship races, elite runners may be subject to drug testing. Athletes having positive drug test results will have their cases investigated and Manitoba Marathon reserves the right to withhold any and all prize money until any such investigation has been completed.

Intrepid Dezine Half Marathon overall fastest male and female (Canadian Only Prize Money and winners must be a member of Athletics Canada – This is a National Championships) For more information on prizing click HERE. If you’re competing for prize money – please become an Athletics Canada member HERE

To apply to participate as an Elite Athlete in our event or to compete in the 2019 Manitoba Marathon Half Marathon National Championships please complete the application below. Please note this does not register you for the race, once your application is approved you will be contacted by the Manitoba Marathon with instructions on how to finalize a race entry.

Elite Entry Application

  • Cellular number preferred
  • D.O.B mm/dd/year
    Accommodations apply to Elite Athletes competing in the National Championships only.