YOU are the KEY for Manitobans living with an intellectual disability!


Executive Director Rachel Munday presenting Jessica her grant cheque, which helped move her into her own home! She is 1 of 74 individuals the Manitoba Marathon Foundation has supported in 2015 ($214,915.00)!

In 1978, 11 people died in a tragic fire at the Manitoba Development Centre. The next year, John Robertson, a journalist on CBC-TV, resolved that it would never happen again. He inspired a small group of friends to take on the enormous concept of a new event – the Manitoba Marathon – to support Manitobans who live with an intellectual disability. And right from Day 1 in 1979, the participants in the Manitoba Marathon have made every mile count, by raising funds to build a better community.

John’s idea was a simple one. Get community organizations, volunteers, sponsors and the City of Winnipeg to put on a great event for runners, and in turn, ask every runner to make a personal donation or take their pledge sheet to their neighbours and friends, to support the Manitoba Marathon’s cause.

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Since 1979, runners have done exactly that, raising millions, to kick start over 500 projects across Manitoba. Hundreds of Manitobans have been freed from institutional care, and welcomed back into their communities. All thanks to the Manitoba Marathon – to runners like you – and the work of organizations like the Association for Community Living-Manitoba.

We’re getting closer…according to the Manitoba Families 2015/16 Annual Report, as of March 31, 2016 the “closing population” was 173 people that still live in the Manitoba Development Centre, an institution that houses people living with an intellectual disability. With your support we have made a difference in helping so many obtain their own KEY to their very own front door!

A donation of $100 to the Manitoba Marathon Foundation would pay for the KEY to one front door for people living with an intellectual disability. A donation of $500 to the Manitoba Marathon Foundation will make sure that one more home for people living with an intellectual disability is secure. The Manitoba Marathon Foundation awards grants of $10,000 to support opening homes that welcome up to four people living with an intellectual disability. Remember there are still many people waiting for the KEY to their own front door.