Manitoba Marathon 2015



These experienced runners are here to help you crush your goals! Let them pace while you race.

Guaranteed to get you across the finish line if you stick with your pacer, you can relax, enjoy the ride and lean on our pacers when you hit the wall or need a little extra hype to get you through a tough part of the race. These pacers have been hand-selected because of their love of run, their racing experience and their swagger – high five and hugs for PACERS!

The Manitoba Marathon will be offering pace leaders in the Asics Runkeeper Half Marathon and Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries Full marathon.

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There is no cost to run with a pace team and no registration is required. The pace team leaders are easily identified, as they are carrying signs marked with their finish time and pace and will be at the start lines on Chancellor-Matheson 15 minutes prior to the start of the race.

Options to run/walk or run continuous will be offered. Pace leaders who will be doing run/walk intervals are indicated in the link above.

Pace Team Leaders will run even splits throughout the entire race. Running even splits is the most efficient way to run a marathon as it prevents you from going too fast or too slow. If in the first few miles the pace is slow due to the crowds, Pace Team Leaders will not go more than 15 seconds per mile faster than the established pace until they gradually get back on pace.

Pace Team Leaders will not plan any bathroom breaks during the race and will not wait for you. If you need to use the bathroom, it is suggested that you run ahead of the your team before breaking to use the bathroom, then jump back in with the team or catch up to them.

Each Pace Team will take water and/or energy drink from every aid station to ensure that runners remain well hydrated throughout the race.

Chip time – Pace Team Leaders will start their watches at the start line as they cross the chip timing mats.

Each pacer is selected based not only on their ability to cover the distance within a certain time, but they are also outgoing and dynamic people who are able to motivate runners.  They are all experienced marathoners who have a deep knowledge of endurance running and all have run a marathon within the previous year that is at least 20 minutes faster than the pace group they are leading.


The Manitoba Marathon will recognize the amazing efforts and dedication of our Pace Team leaders by presenting the Manitoba Association of Optometrists Golden Carrot award to the pace bunny for the Half and Full Marathon who is the closest to their goal time(without going over)!


Interested in becoming a Pace Team Leader? Please email Sarah at

Thank you to all who apply however only those applicants who are selected will be contacted.