Meet Your 2024 Pace Team!



1:30 Martin Dupuis (Steady)

I started running few years ago and quickly fell in love with the sport. I worked my way up to the marathon distance and managed to run a couple of BQs. Last year I had the opportunity to pace two halves, including 1:30 for the Manitoba marathons. I’m excited to be back again to help others break the hour and a half mark!


1:40 – Tyler MacHutchon (Steady)

I’m 38 years young. I’ve been running almost 8 years now. When I ran my first half, my goal was to finish sub 2 hours and I’ve been slowly working on improving my times. The last two years I’ve really committed to running and pushing myself further improving to 1:33:33 in 2023. My goal for 2024 is to run a sub 1:30. I enjoy running but also doing other new and adventurous things such as hiking, scuba diving, travelling, swimming, camping and being outside. I have a wife and two kids age 4 and 1 that motivate me to stay healthy and active so I can have fun with them, while also teaching them the importance of perseverance and deduction. I really look forward to the opportunity to give back to the running community by volunteering as a pacer. I know it’s an important role as I have relied on pacers in most of my half marathons before.


1:45 -Tom Neave(Steady)

Hi, I’m Tom. I moved to Winnipeg from England in 2021 and was immediately welcomed into all of the running groups within the city. For me Winnipeg has the best running community ever!!

I started running in 2021 and have completed half marathons, 10ks and 5ks. My favorite distance is the half marathon and I hope to guide many of you to your pb this year!


1:50 – Carmen Crouch (Steady)






2:00 – Melvin Yumang (Steady)

Hi! My name is Mel. I am honoured to once again join the Manitoba Marathon Pace Team this year in what will be my sixth time participating in the in-person version of this spectacular event. I am so excited to have the opportunity to pace the ever-so popular 2:00 Half-Marathon Goal Time for my fellow Manitoba runners, as the importance of the elusive sub-2 for so many is not lost on me!

In 2023, I joined a few new pace teams at the Ottawa Marathon and at our Manitoba Marathon. I was lucky enough to be assigned the 3:50 Marathon Goal Time and clocked in at a handsome 3:49:45 – good enough for the Golden Carrot Award bragging rights!

I look forward to meeting you all in the lead up to this weekend of events and helping you achieve your Personal Best. Please do not hesitate to come say hello, even if you don’t happen to be in my pace group. It would be a pleasure to chat about all things running – racing, mindset, footwear, headwear, and all things in between.

2:10 – Barjinder Kang (steady)

Barjinder loves to run and inspire others. As an athlete, he continually trains to push the limits of performance potential and complete a variety of goals to inspire others to experience what can be accomplished on two feet. Barjinder has done numerous races. He is passionate about racing and community involvement. Barjinder holds a PR of 1:41 from the 2018 Fargo Half Marathon.

Barjinder has been a pace leader for 10 half-marathons. He loves pacing because it gives him a chance to meet new runners from different places. He believes that running is a great way to connect with other fantastic people who are also in search of a healthy lifestyle. He also loves motivating others. He partners with athletes in tandem, and regularly paces marathons to help others meet their goals.

2:10- Felicia Wiltshire (10:1)






2:20 – Jane Quinton (Steady)

Jane started her running journey in 2015 and has since completed 16 half marathons and 11 full marathons, including Boston, Chicago, New York and Berlin. She is currently a run leader with Winnipeg Run Club and enjoys spreading her love of running with our amazing running community. This is Jane’s first time pacing the 2:20 Half Marathon, something that’s been on her bucket list for a while! Jane brings experience, discipline and a BIG smile to the start line. She’ll keep you motivated, on pace and help you achieve your race day goals. See you on the start line!


2:20 -Bryanne DeRoo (10:1)

Hi! I’m Bryanne and I am so excited to pace for a 2:20 half marathon finish. Last year, a pacer helped me achieve a personal best and I am really looking forward to helping others do the same! My favourite place to run is the Brandon Hills, but I love exploring new places while running. My favourite distance to run is the half marathon, and the Manitoba Marathon will be my 75th half. I believe running is an integral part of wellness – physical, mental, social, and spiritual. It is with this belief that I began a run streak during the pandemic to be well through tough times, and kept going because it has given so much to my life. Happy training and see you on June 16th!


2:30 – Nancy Sedo (10:1)

I’m happy to be pacing the 2:30 Half Marathon for MB Marathon again.   I had the opportunity to pace this same distance and time in 2023 finishing in 2:31. I still talk about the experience.   Such a great time with a group of people that become your friends by the end of the race.  I love encouraging others and provide that push to see what you’re made of and see yourself to that finish line.   I look forward to meeting you on June 16th!


2:30- Melissa Pryce (Steady)

I am Melissa Pryce, a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA/CMA). Spending most of my time at a desk, I run for my mental and physical health. My love of running started in middle school track which instilled my lifelong passion for the sport. A few decades later, I ran my first half marathon with Diabetes Canada and became hooked! After completing more than thirty half marathons and even trying my hand at full distance in the Manitoba Marathon. I run regularly with a lifelong group of friends, which I met through a local running store. From there, I helped introduce others to the sport of running by learning to run clinics, volunteering at local races, and pacing in those races, too!

Melissa brings a positive attitude and strong work ethic to the Manitoba Marathon pace team and looks forward to crossing the finish line with you!!


2:45 Jamie Hardy (Steady) 

My name’s Jamie Hardy. I’ve run all my life. I’ve run quite a few full and half marathons including the Manitoba. I’ve also paced both distances in many races. I enjoy running and I love being able to pace races and help others reach their goals.



2:45- Madeline Christenson (10:1)

Hi, I’m Maddy, and I’m thrilled to be pacing for the 2:45 crowd at this year’s half-marathon crowd! This race holds a special place in my heart because it was where I completed my first full marathon. Outside of running, you’ll often find me biking or climbing—any activity that gets me moving and challenges me physically and mentally. Over the years, I’ve been fortunate to find running communities in every city I’ve lived in, and I’m excited to share my passion for the sport with others. Whether you’re aiming for a personal best or simply looking to enjoy the journey, I can’t wait to support you every step of the way. Let’s crush those goals together!


To Complete- Andrea Richardson

Andrea is a rainbow in a sea of black and white. She has a wealth of experience with pacing and will be your hugest supporter and motivator to help you achieve your goal. Plus, she always has a great playlist to keep you pumped.


3:05 Oliver Robidoux (Steady)

Hi, my name is Olivier and I’m excited to pace the 3:05 marathon! I’ve been running for 9 years now and did many marathons and half-marathons. I had the chance to run Boston in 2023 and I’m currently training for a 2:45 marathon. I understand the dedication needed to achieve those goals. Therefore, I will do my best to make the run as fun as possible, by being positive, supportive, and proactive. It won’t be easy, but we can do it 😉

3:40 TBC

3:35 Bo Huang (Steady)

My name is Bo Huang. I discovered the passion for running about 9 years ago. So far, I have finished 10 full marathon races including the Boston and New York City Marathon. I love the Winnipeg running community and have made lots of good friends through running. We care, support, encourage and motivate each other and have had lots of fun times together.

I am an MRA ambassador and we promote, motivate, and support a healthy, fun, and fit lifestyle for people of all ages and abilities through the sport of running.

I am excited to be a pace leader at the Manitoba Marathon.  I love running and love to share my knowledge and experience with other runners. Come along with me and chase the finish line feeling. See you at the start line.


3:45 – Rob Tetrault (Steady)

I am a proud father of four and a Franco-Manitoban originally from Marchand, Manitoba. I weighed 250 lbs three years ago and decided it was time for a change. I began walking to get into shape, which quickly evolved into jogging. Since then, I’ve run about 40 half marathons, five marathons, four Ironman competitions, and two ultras.

I love running because it brings people together and helps us form common bonds. My biggest bucket list event will be in April 2024, when I run the Boston Marathon. I’m excited to be a pacer at the Manitoba Marathon for the first time because I love meeting new people and helping them achieve their goals.


3:50 – Charles Tetrault 

Hello, fellow runners! My name is Charles Tetrault, and I’m thrilled to be your 3:50 pacer for the upcoming Manitoba Marathon. A proud family man, I share my life with my wonderful wife and our two amazing children right here in the heart of Canada.

My running journey began just three years ago, motivated by a desire to enhance my health. What started as a physical endeavor quickly transformed, bringing profound benefits to my mental well-being. I am totally in love with running!

As a numbers guy, I dive deep into the metrics of running, constantly learning and adjusting strategies to optimize our performance. Joining the pace team this year is a tremendous honor, and I’m here to help guide you smoothly under that coveted 3:50 mark. Whether you’re aiming to set a new personal best or simply looking to enjoy the race, I’m here to support you every step of the way.

3:55-Zach Peters (Steady)

My name is Zach Peters. I am a born, bred, and proud Winnipeger. I am a partner to my beautiful wife, and a father to my two fantastic sons. I am also a bit addicted to running. I generally dabble in the ultra-marathon distances, and am tackling my first two 100km races this year. I am an eternal optimist, and Ted Lasso wannabe. I know for fact that the party will be at the 3:55 marathon pace, so join me and let’s get you to that sub-4 goal!


4:00- Rebecca Sturgess (Steady)

I’m Rebecca your 4:00 pace bunny for the Full marathon distance. I was lucky enough to pace this time last year and it’s such a fun and exciting time to pace. If you know me then you know I run with a smile on my face because the fact that on that day in that moment we are blessed to be healthy enough to be running and moving!

I have many years of long distance running experience behind me & I’m proud to be a part of the MB marathon team once again.

4:15 Graeme Brown (10:1)

I’m Graeme Brown and cannot wait to be a part of the MB. Marathon again, this time as a pacer. Running for me is a big part of staying healthy and happy. Sometimes running can be a time to clear your mind, and other times I get some of my best thinking done while running! Running is also a great way to meet people and pursue your goals. Winnipeg has a thriving run community and many groups who will welcome you with open arms, any day of the week.

Running on Fathers Day /  June 16th is a big deal for me, and I do it in honour of my Dad and all others who have lost someone or been affected by Cancer. Can’t wait to see everyone at the start line, meet some new friends, and look forward to a 4:15 full marathon finish with yall. See everybody June 16th!


4:15 Shelan Ennis (Steady)

Hi I’m Shelan and I love to run. I have been married for over 30 years to a runner, which makes my lifestyle that much easier to explain. I have 3 wonderful adult children and 2 grandchildren.

I love to travel, which, you guessed it, means a destination race most of the time. Last summer I ran with a good friend from Winnipeg to South Beach Casino through the night, just for fun.

Pacing has been a big part of my running, in fact, most of the time when I cross a finish line I’m holding a pacing stick. Last year I paced a full marathon on Saturday in Minnesota, then a half the next day in Manitoba. I love hearing stories of helping runners complete their first race, or getting a PR, or racing for someone special.  I’ve been known to cross a finish line several times, running back out to help others finish strong.

If you are wanting a 4:15 finish, follow me on Father’s Day. I can’t wait to hear your story and share some of mine with you.

4:30 Candis Logan (Steady)

Hi! I’m Candis, I love helping others with their goals, and I love the full marathon distance, so it was an obvious choice to be a Pace Team Leader for the Manitoba Marathon. This will be my 6th full marathon, and I am so excited to do it with you. I have run two world majors, the New York marathon and the Chicago Marathon, I am excited to bring that same energy here on course to Manitoba. You can expect big energy and lots of fun running with me, lets crush some goals together!

4:30- Devyn Bartel (10:1)

If you’re not smiling, you’re doing it wrong! Hey there, I’m Devyn Bartel, and I’m thrilled to be a part of your running adventures. Running has been my passion for the past decade, a journey that began when I transitioned from being an Offensive Lineman in high school. Exploring the trails of the Sandilands is where I feel most at home, and I’ve recently delved into the exhilarating world of Ultra Trail Running.

But enough about me – I want to hear about your running journey! Join me for a 4.5-hour adventure where we’ll share stories, laugh, possibly shed a tear or two, but most importantly, have a blast! Can’t wait to meet you all. Cheers!

4:45 – Oliver Valencia (Steady)

I’m Oliver Valencia and am happy to be a pace leader for this year’s Manitoba Marathon.  I’ve completed twenty-two full marathons (PB 3:41), thirty-seven half marathons (PB 1:37), and one 50 km race.  Running has given me the opportunity to travel to many destinations and meet many wonderful people.

I’ve served as a pacer for the Manitoba Full Marathon 5 times and have coached hundreds of half and full-marathon finishers as an instructor.

When I am not running, I work as a Human Resources manager and enjoy spending my spare time with my family (wife, two daughters and an incredibly yappy dog), collecting/listening to my vinyl record collection, eating unnecessary quantities of food and serving on boards to discuss issues important to me, my family/friends and my community.

I look forward to lining up with you on June 16th, hearing about your running journey, and getting across the finish line together.

5:00 – Jessica Drakul (Steady)

Jessica started running in 2020 during the height of the pandemic to relieve anxiety, and in 2024 she’ll be giving herself anxiety running the Boston Marathon (after BQ’ing at MB Marathon 2023). A busy government worker who hails from Newfoundland and Labrador, Jessica spends all her time running when she’s not solving some tricky policy problem. She is thrilled to be part of the Manitoba MB Pace Team and looks forward to the rest of the MB Marathon events this year!


To Complete – Clemus Laurila 

Clem is a seasoned veteran of the Pace Team. She paced the Manitoba Marathon full in 2019,  and 2023. She has run 43 Marathons!