Meet Your 2023 Pace Team!

Asics Runkeeper Half Marathon



1:30 Martin Dupuis

I started running two years ago and quickly fell in love with the sport. I ran my first full in the Manitoba marathon last year and BQ’ed in the mesa marathon this year. Outside of running I’m a student at the u of m and I’m also a teacher’s assistant, teaching intro biology labs. I’ve done tons of half marathons over my short running journey and can’t wait to help others break that hour and a half mark!


1:40 – Kristopher Joy

Kris Joy has been running for over 10 years and has competed and paced numerous local and destination races. In his spare time he enjoys hanging out with his fiancé Becky (the 1:50 pacer), cycling, fishing, swimming and basically anything outdoorsy!



1:45 -Jonas Eastcott

I’ve been involved in the running community for several years from a race director to runner and every in between.

I’ve paced in numerous occasions ranging from 1:30 to 2:15 Half marathons and personal pacer at 1:23 to 1:40. I Paced 3:30 in the 2017 (40th Edition) of the Manitoba Marathon!  I’ve also done numerous 5km, 10 km and Half Marathon events. I enjoy giving back to the community and cheering runners on. I’m thrilled to be back at Manitoba Marathon especially for the 45th Edition!

Come run with me and it will be party to remember.


1:50 – Becky Joy

Becky is an avid runner and cyclist who also teaches group fitness classes in her spare time. When she is not running or cycling or inside the gym she enjoys spending time with husband Kris (the 1:40 pacer) her kids and fishing and hiking. Becky will be happy to help you reach your half marathon goals!



2:00 – Chris Wiebe

Manitoba born Chris first started running in 2010.  He has run consistently since, loving the physical, as well as the social aspects of the sport. Chris has run several 50K ultramarathons and full marathons, over 30 half marathons and numerous 5k and 10k races. His personal best for the half marathon is 1:37:40 and 21:30 for the 5K.

Chris loves to pace races as well.  He has paced numerous half marathons ranging from 1:45 to 2:00.  As well he has been part of a two person team pacing 3:30 for the Manitoba Full Marathon in 2018 and 2019. This

year he will be pacing the 2:00 half marathon and would love to help runners to crush their goals and set a new Personal Best!


2:10 – Nancy Buccheim (steady)

I started running in 2014 when my daughter was training for her first half marathon, she asked me to run with her; I’ve been hooked ever since! I have since run numerous half-marathons, marathons and a few ultra marathons. This year will be the sixth time I am pacing the half marathon at the Manitoba Marathon. I love being a pacer, giving people encouragement and helping them reach their goals, it is very gratifying!


2:10 – Carmen Crouch (10:1)

I moved to Winnipeg from England two years ago and Manitoba Marathon was my first official race! I started running during Covid lockdowns (coach to 5k) and I have been hooked ever since. I’ve ran multiple half-marathons and I will be taking on my first full in Chicago this year. I’m super excited to be pacing for the first time and can’t wait to help others cross that finish line!


2:20 – Barjinder Kang (steady)

I have been running in Manitoba Marathon since June 2007. I first ran as a pacer in February 2019 at the Hypothermic Half Marathon in Winnipeg. Running is the sport that’s good for me (health), good for others (charity) and accessible to all (inclusivity).It also allows me to compete against and better myself (you vs you)


2:20 -Bryanne DeRoo (10:1)

Hi! I’m Bryanne and I am so excited to pace for a 2:20 half marathon finish. Last year, a pacer helped me achieve a personal best and I am really looking forward to helping others do the same! My favourite place to run is the Brandon Hills, but I love exploring new places while running. My favourite distance to run is the half marathon, and the Manitoba Marathon will be my 75th half. I believe running is an integral part of wellness – physical, mental, social, and spiritual. It is with this belief that I began a run streak during the pandemic to be well through tough times, and kept going because it has given so much to my life. Happy training and see you on June 18th!


2:30 – Nancy Sedo (10:1)

I’m happy to be pacing the 2:30 Half Marathon for MB Marathon again.   I had the opportunity to pace this same distance and time in 2018 finishing in 2:31. I still talk about the experience.   Such a great time with a group of people that become your friends by the end of the race.   I also have paced To Complete for MB Marathon.   With numerous other pacing opportunities with other Manitoba races.

I love encouraging others and provide that push to see what you’re made of and see yourself to that finish line.   I look forward to meeting you on June 18th!


2:45 Melissa Roberts (10:1) 






To Complete- Mike Dickenson

I started running to improve my physical fitness in 2018 and to deal with the loss of my father. Through the journey I traded black toenails for amazing friends and I found the joy of running through an amazing community of love and encouragement in the various run groups I met along the way. The friendships and bonds made through the running community are amongst my closest and I am SUPER excited to be able to pay it forward and help those on their journey with the 1/2 marathon finishers group!

Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries Full Marathon


3:35 Bo Huang

I have been into running for about 8 years. I have been participating in Manitoba Marathon since 2015. So far I have finished 5 full marathon races and qualified for Boston Marathon twice last year. This April, I am going to run Boston Marathon for the first time. I love Winnipeg running community and have made lots of good friends through running, we care, support and encourage each other and had lots of fun time together. I love running and love to share my knowledge and experience with other runners. Running allows me to think, reflect, learn, grow, set up goals, chase the goals and crash the goals and to make all the impossible an reality.

People say running is a solo sport but running community is not. It is amazing if you work hard to achieve goals but it is more amazing to help other people to do the same. Pacing gives me the opportunity to give back to the running community as it has given me so much. Manitoba Marathon have given me the finish line feeling and I would like to encourage, motivate, support and help you to crash your goals and chase the finish line feeling. Let’s celebrate your achievements at the finish line together. See you at the start line

3:40 TBC

3:50 – Melvin Yumang

Hi! My name is Melvin (but my friends and loved ones call me Mel). I am honored to join the 2023 Manitoba Marathon Pace Team in what will be my fifth time participating in the in-person version of this fabulous Father’s Day tradition. And I am so excited to have the opportunity to pace the 3:55 goal time for my fellow Manitoba runners as the importance of the elusive sub-4 Marathon for so many is not lost on me!

I never really had a formal running background, not having raced Cross Country or Track & Field while growing up, or even really liking it. But I have truly embraced becoming a runner as an adult, particularly over the past five years. Before then, I had almost exclusively ever run on a treadmill (and without much purpose, at that), then finally took a leap in signing up for my first 10K. The rest is history.

In addition to being to being a runner, I am a proud husband, Dog Dad, and Critical Care Flight Nurse. Because of my odd work hours, we’re sure to cross paths at any odd time of day, be it 4 AM or 11 PM. I wear many hats… and even have a vast collection of hats – of the baseball cap variety. So, adding some pacer ‘bunny ears’ to the assortment seems like a natural fit!

What I love most about our sport is its community – in its truest sense. I have met so many kind, determined, generous, and welcoming individuals in my experience, through our city’s various run clubs, races, and have made lifelong friendships in doing so. The Winnipeg and Manitoba “run scenes” are truly special.

Et je parle français aussi!


4:00 Rebecca Sturgess (steady)

I’m a 43 year old mom of 4 kids. I have previously paced MB full marathon as well as many well know local half marathons. I have completed over 30 full marathons with a PR of 3:08 in MB marathon 2018! I’m so excited to pace a full marathon again,I look forward to leading with a smile & 4 hours of fun in the hopefully not too hot sun!


4:15-Shelan Ennis (10:1)

I love to run.

I am so lucky to be married for over 30 years to a runner. We have 3 amazing active adult children,, and 2 perfect little grandchildren.

I have been a pacer for about 10 years pacing in Manitoba, North Dakota and Minnesota. I have even received the golden carrot award at the Manitoba Marathon for being the most accurate pacer. I have helped many runners finish their first marathons and others to a Personal Best finish.

I ran Boston Marathon in 2018 with an amazing group of friends, after qualifying numerous times. I love going to destination marathons with friends.


4:30 Robbie Friesen (10:1)

My names Robbie Friesen and I’m so excited to be pacing this year! I’ve been running long distances since graduating university 4 years ago and am known to run the mile block at my house. I love inviting friends and community members to join me for a lap and hope you’ll join me for 26 on Fathers Day!



4:45 Devyn Bartel (10:1)

“If you’re not smiling, you’re doing it wrong! I am Devyn Bartel and I am excited to be a part of people’s running adventures. I got into running about 10 years ago and it has been a big part of who I am today (I used to be an Offensive Lineman!). I love to spend the majority of my miles in the bush in the Sandilands and have recently got into the Ultra Trail Running scene. Everyone has a story of how they got into running and I look forward to spending 4.5 hours together hearing about yours! We will laugh, possibly cry and most importantly, have fun! Cheers!”


5:00 – Melissa Budd (10:1)


5:15 – Oliver Valencia (10:1)

I’m Oliver Valencia and am happy to serve as the “to complete” full marathon pace leader for this year’s Manitoba Marathon.  I’ve completed twenty-two full marathons (PB 3:41), thirty-seven half marathons (PB 1:37), and one 50 km race.  Running has given me the opportunity to travel to many destinations and meet many wonderful people.

I’ve served as a pacer for the Manitoba Full Marathon 4 previous times and have coached hundreds of half and full-marathon finishers as a running instructor.

When I am not running, I work as a Human Resources manager and enjoy spending my spare time with my family (wife, two daughters and an incredibly yappy dog), collecting/listening to my vinyl record collection, eating unnecessary quantities of food and serving on boards to discuss issues important to me, my family/friends and my community.

I look forward to lining up with you on June 18th, hearing about your running journey, and getting across the finish line together.


To Complete – Clemus Laurila (10:1)

Clem is a seasoned veteran of the Pace Team. She paced the Manitoba Marathon full in 2019, the Hypothermic half in 2019 and the WPS run in 2023.