2:00 Pace Bunny for 2018

My name is Paul and I am honoured and excited to be the 2:00 pacer. This will be my 43 half-marathon and my twelfth as a 2:00 pacer. I have also run 13 full marathons including Boston and New York City. I love running the Manitoba Half Marathon, my favourite part is running on the ELM Park Bridge over the Red River.  If you have a personal goal in mind, I will get you to the finish to achieve that goal. I will be running even-splits, using the walk-run method. You have put in the training and hard work now let me get you to the finish line with a smile.

Paul Brault


2:15 Pace Bunny for 2018

I started running in 2014 when my daughter was training for her first half marathon, she asked me to run with her; I’ve been hooked ever since! I have since run two full marathons, two ultra marathons and many half marathons. This year will be the third time I am pacing the 2:15 half marathon finish group at the Manitoba Marathon. I love being a pacer, giving people encouragement and helping them reach their goals, it is very gratifying!

I am honoured to be given the opportunity ot be a part of this fantastic event!

Nancy Buchheim



5:00 Pace Bunny for 2018

My wife and I started running about 6 years ago after our son got old enough to realize we “weren’t required” as much anymore! We started at the Running Room by taking the Learn to Run clinic and were hooked after that. Since then we have taken many more clinics and so far I have run 6 marathons and quite a few 1/2 marathons, 10k’s and 5k’s. My first ever run was the 5k Santa Shuffle and my last run so far was the 2017 Las Vegas Marathon in November. Attending the clinics and running with the groups has started many new friendships and exposed us to runs at destinations we may not have otherwise visited. I never thought I’d ever say it (before 6 years ago), but we VERY MUCH enjoy our running vacations. (We even enjoy the long training runs on Sundays in January – when they’re done…). We volunteer at several runs each year, which is always a blast, but this is the 1st year for me and the Manitoba Marathon so I’m really looking forward to running it with our group.

Chris Kjear