Our Special Focus on Kids

The greatest joy on Father’s Day is seeing the sea of school-aged kids swirling around the start lines of the 5km Super Run, the 10k, the Johnston Group Relay, the Intrepid Dezine Half Marathon, and even Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries Full Marathon! To see the excitement of those students as they cross the finish line – as well as all the teachers and parents who have volunteered their time to encourage them – is what we are striving for with the Manitoba Marathon Champions in Training program. Manitoba’s schools – with the active support of the Manitoba Marathon – are introducing thousands of kids to a healthy and happy lifestyle each spring. The Manitoba Marathon has happily supported these schools for over 35 years with helpful training tips, resource kits, and even staff visits to help school leaders. Nearly 200 schools and 3500 young runners are participating in this program every year!

UPDATE October 2021 – COVID-19

We are excited to restart the CIT program and events in 2022.  These events include Teacher Orientation Night, Jog in the Park and School pickup week.  As we develop our plan for our return to Father’s Day, we will update our Leaders of rescheduled dates and updated programming. We thank you for your patience as we work towards bringing our community together once again in fitness, family and fundraising.

Online registration will close June 3rd this year. Should you still wish to register for our June 19th event after online registration closes, teachers may contact our office and parents may contact their run club leader. Manual registrations will be accepted during our special school week for schools.

Teachers…Ready to sign up?

Leaders register your school
On this page you will be able to register your school with the program, request the number of materials you need, and RSVP to Teacher Orientation Night (April 6th) and Jog in the Park (May 12th). If you have any questions please contact our School Program Manager at: or 204-415-4517 

Family and Student Race Day Registration

This registration button below is only for participants who are registering for a Manitoba Marathon event and are in our Champions in Training program. Online registration closes June 3rd.

Register with your school

Here’s how you can take part!

 What is the Champions in Training Program and how does your school get involved?

  • Many schools start their running programs shortly after Spring Break, and offer participation in the Manitoba Marathon as a goal for students to strive towards.
  • With the help of the Manitoba Marathon school program materials, each school is encouraged to develop a running program that fits its needs. For many schools, these might be runs before school, during lunch, or after school.
  • Participation in the Manitoba Marathon is not a requirement to join the CIT program. Schools and students are welcome to take part in the program, regardless of whether they are going to participate in the Manitoba Marathon. We simply want to encourage students to participate in training sessions, and commit to an active lifestyle.
  • This program will provide you with many wonderful perks, such as guaranteed early fees for the Manitoba Marathon, and a special registration system.( More information about this is below.)  Explanation of Fees: All Manitoba Marathon fees have a processing fee. On the online registration site you will see a base event price, processing fees will be added onto the base price on the checkout page. When doing manual registration you will see the processing fee already added onto the event pricing on the form.
  • The CIT program is a vehicle for program leaders like you to get your students involved in wonderful community events. Becoming a part of this program provides you with the opportunity to bring your school to Jog in the Park, and join many other schools in a fun filled day of dancing, running and treats!
  • And best of all, joining this program is FREE!

What do we get?

The CIT resources were developed by teachers from some of the most successful school running programs. They are intended to add the little things into your program that will keep your students interested and focused, and excited about their upcoming Manitoba Marathon experience. You will receive:

  • Champions in Training and Manitoba Marathon Posters – inspire, engage, create awareness and motivate students to get involved in your school program!
  • Leader T-Shirts – given to you, the program leader, to wear proudly! You can request the number of leader t-shirts you need for your school, however, ONLY the teachers present on orientation night will receive their T-shirts.
  • Milestone Attendance Charts –  track the progress and attendance of children in your running program. Attendance has been shown to be the best predictor of whether a school training program will be successful.
  • Champions in Training Achievement Awards Certificates (3) – to be downloaded, photocopied and distributed to the students.
  • Registration Made Easy guide (including online registration help forms and entry fees schedule).
  • Entry forms for manual entries
  • Bulk Sheets downloadable for any manual student registration forms (Individual and Relay Teams)
  • A school visit and/or run with our School Program Coordinator (and/or a great video) –  an exciting way to jumpstart your running program, and to show students that there are thousands of kids just like them, doing the Marathon thing every Father’s Day!
  • Special School Pickup Appointments at our office for all your school groups’ Race Day kits.

Important Events!

Teacher Orientation Night

Wednesday April 6th, 2022, 4 PM – 6PM , at the Manitoba Marathon Office: 1479 Dublin Ave. School representatives receive will their CIT materials, a  a light meal and a leader t-shirt. Staff will be available to discuss the registration process, any new changes, and to answer any questions.

Jog in the Park – PLEASE NOTE we are holding this event at a NEW LOCATION this year, St. Vital Park. For Winnipeg-area students this can either be a kickoff to your own program or a practice run for  those schools that have started their training.  on . Schools must register for this event (204) 415-4517 x 23. The Manitoba Marathon has partnered with First Student Canada, and are offering a special discounted price for Jog in the Park transportation ($130 round trip per bus). For more information on Jog in The Park transportation (First Student Canada), please click hereView the course map here

School week Race Kit pickup

Schools can pickup any students race kits who have registered through the school registration site the week of June 6th-10th by appointment.  Please contact our office for more information. Manitoba Marathon Race Day is on June 19th, 2022.  CIT schools can register for any one of our events through their online profile, and always pay early fees!

 For information on our Champions in Training Adopt a School program please click the button below.

CIT Adopt a School

What about fund raising?

Runners in the Manitoba Marathon provide a valued community service, by raising funds to support projects for people who live with and intellectual disability. We strongly encourage schools to have volunteers (often a parent group) do the fund raising portion of the program. This has worked very well for many schools in the past. That way, the leader(s) need only be in charge of the training part of the program.

The Manitoba Marathon would like to thank Thompson Dorfman Sweatman LLP for their sponsorship of TDS Kids program for the Manitoba Marathon. The program serves to remove barriers for children participating in the event. Children are the future – Interested families can apply through their school leader.