Frequently Asked Questions

Refunds: Due to the nature of our event Manitoba Marathon does not offer refunds, or deferrals -no exceptions.
If you are injured or your training has gone better than you expected we do offer event switches please see below!

Event Switches/Transfers
We do offer event switches and bib transfers for a fee of $20.00 plus the cost difference of the event you are switching to.  This may be done online until June 2nd, or in person at our office until June 13th.  **Entry changes may be done through the Manitoba Marathon Office until Monday, June 13th or at the Global News Fit Expo on June 17th and 18th at late registration. There is a $20 change fee (plus any event fee increases, if applicable).

I’ve never run before, what should I know?
Great question!  Educate yourself on the course itself, where you will be running, and where your course ventures away from other courses. Familiarize yourself with is the recovery area after you have crossed the finish line and ensure you have designated a meeting place to reunite with friends and family.  A map of this area can be found by clicking Start/ finish area map

Is there a Course close time?
YES! The Manitoba Marathon course officially closes at a pace of 14 minutes per mile. A well-marked Course Closing Vehicle will signal the closing of the course. Participants who are either passed by the course closing vehicle, or who have not reached Pembina Hwy & Crescent Dr. by the posted course closing time of 12:45 pm will be REQUIRED to exit the course via complimentary shuttle back to the U of M. These participants are welcomed to the Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries recovery area for rest and refreshments, but will not receive an official time. All participants must be finished by no later than 1pm.

Are there any event age restrictions?
Participants wishing to register for the Intrepid Dezine Half Marathon are required to be 13 years of age or older on race day. Participants in the Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries Full Marathon are required to be 16 years of age or older on race day.

I’ve registered for the Manitoba Marathon what do I do now?
Besides your training, you are required to pick up your Race Package at the 2 day Global News Fit Expo.
All race packages are filed numerically. Bib#’s will be e-mailed to all participants on June 16th. Race numbers can also be looked up at the Expo itself.  Participants picking up race kits will be asked for Photo I.D.

Can I have someone else pickup my race kit?  
Someone else can pick up your race package; they will need your race number and they will be asked to fill out a Kit sign out card in the Package pick up area.

Do you offer race day package pick up?
NO.  You must pick up your race kits at our 2 day Global News Fit Expo on June 17th and 18th.

Popeye’s Supplements Relay Kit Pick-Up
Please pre-arrange and designate one team member to pick up the relay kit at the Expo.  All team members are encouraged to attend our fantastic 2 day Global News Fit Expo and all teams must be fully registered otherwise team packages will not be given out. The Relay captain will receive its team’s Bib # via email Thursday June 16, 2016.  These numbers will also be available via lookup at the Expo, please be certain of your exact Relay Team name if you need to look it up at the Expo!

In the Popeye’s Supplements Relay, can we have more than 5 members if our team doesn’t want to run these distances?
The maximum number of participants in the Popeye’s Supplements relay is 5.  We do allow teams of less members, however, you are not able to qualify for awards if you place.  You are also responsible for paying the entire fee, even with less members, as this is a team fee in its entirety.

Can I run in two events?      
If you are running in the Popeye’s Supplements Relay Event and also wish to participate in the Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries Full Marathon or Intrepid Dezine Half marathon you must register and pay for each event as they are separate events.

You must also be the first runner for your team.  You will wear your Full or Half bib as well as your Relay Timing bib at the start line.  You may start with the Full and Half participants, passing the Relay Timing Bib at exchange zone one to Runner # 2.

My partner is running the Full, and I am running the Half.  Can we start at the same start line?
We ask that everyone starts at their own start line to avoid confusion of start times, congestion at start lines and timing is calculated correctly.

Can I wear my race bib where ever I like?
NO.  Race Bibs must be worn on the front of your body, either on your shirt, or on your shorts.  Manitoba Marathon staff must be able to identify that you are a registered runner on the course.

Do I seriously have to register my baby?
YES.  Any strollers MUST be registered, as we must have everyone on the course accounted for.  Please be aware that the 10K and Super Run are the only events that allow strollers. Full, Half, and Relay do NOT allow strollers, and you will be removed from the course.

NOTE: Manitoba Marathon does not allow cyclists other than our own Official cyclists out on the course at any time.

Is the Manitoba Marathon iPod friendly?
Manitoba Marathon does allow the use of Ipods however please do so responsibly.  An emergency may happen at any time on the course, it is imperative that you are aware of what may be happening at all times.

My marathon trainer has always been my dog.  Can I run with him on race day?
Unfortunately due to health, safety and space concerns, we do not allow any pets or animals allowed on the course.  (Minus the odd Manitoba squirrel!)