Let Fireball Amy Feit Inspire your Spring Workouts

If you wanted to describe Amy Feit in one word, that word would surely be ‘dedicated’. A professional with a software company as well as a mother of two girls who are very active in sport and other activities (a college freshman in college and a high school sophomore), Amy is totally dedicated to everything she does, including her running. That hard work led her to being the first female across the line at this year’s Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries Full Marathon.

Her dedication causes her to have to juggle a lot of priorities, but she is fully committed to putting running in the forefront. And one way she keeps her training schedule on mark is by sharing it with a great running partner: her family’s English Setter, Wallace, who joins Amy on most of her easy run days. “He can lay down 8 milers no problem and likely would love to go further if I would let him,” says Amy, “He is a joy to have along for some of those early morning runs”.

Why do you run?
Oh man, so many reasons!  I wholeheartedly enjoy the time I get to spend running.  I feel lucky to be able to begin my days the way I do.

The pursuit of finding out just how fast I can get is incredibly motivating.  Had you told me five years ago I would be running sub 3 hours for a marathon, I would not have believed it.  Through hard work and dedication I have achieved more than I would have ever dreamt possible.

I also just really love the process.  I love the training that goes into a marathon: from the build-up to the high mileage weeks to the taper and finally the race, every aspect of the training process is fun for me.

Finally, I love to follow other runner’s journeys as it is inspiring.  I also love being an inspiration to others if I can.  Sharing my story of having my first marathon in 2009 be a 4:00 marathon to now having gone sub-3 hours and winning races seems to inspire and motivate people.  This is another reason I love running: with a hard work and dedication, you can accomplish things beyond your wildest dreams.  So dream big and then make it happen!

What was the most personally challenging race you have ever run and why?
Any run where it is hot and humid!  I have run one marathon in hot, humid conditions along with a few shorter races as well.  These races are incredibly challenging for me.  After having crumbled on several occasions, the mental aspect alone of racing in those conditions has become a huge hurdle for me to overcome.  Luckily the season for hot and humid racing should be done now for a little bit, but I look forward to trying to better myself next summer in those dreaded conditions!

You are a mom with two active kids – how do you manage work, home life and a demanding training schedule?

As far as how I keep training as a priority – it’s really pretty simple. I run in the morning (sometimes VERY early). I found this to be the best way to avoid having other things come up and get in the way of the training I have to do that day.


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